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Smoking Is My Pleasure

I think a way all societies have to vent some of their issues is to find someone or something that they can frame as guilty for all their problems. They throw all the dirt they can on them, and then when it goes away, dies, or is forbidden and restricted, there is a general feeling of calm because people are finally safe from all the demons they were bringing to the world. An example is the scandal of Wolfowitz in the World Bank, and the hundreds of pictures, press releases and comments that were published about it, or Clinton's affair... when Wolfowitz finally resigned due to international pressure of all the members, everyone sighed with relief, because the legitimacy of the institution had been saved from this devil. Of course there were no reforms or changes, and I wonder if anyone can actually sustain in a discussion his resignation made any difference in the organization. Anyway, they were used as a social mechanism to vent in the right time, and in that way it worked. The same thing happens now with smoking...

I grew up watching my movie idols smoking, and my dad. I always enjoyed it as a sensual pleasure, and think it can be a fun thing to do... of course I am aware of the health issues, and the addiction possibility, but isn't anything harmful and addictive when used unwisely? Anyway, I will continue to be one of the few proud smokers in this world where we are becoming an endangered species, and where we are portrayed as the worst health risks :-) I will leave you now with a beautiful song by Gardel... smoking is a pleasure he says, while he waits for his loved one. When she arrives they kiss and exchange the smoke from their mouths. Perhaps you hate the smell, like many do, but while we can still get tobacco and smoke at some areas, you better be sure I will be there.

sweetmeisje sweetmeisje 26-30, F 6 Responses Dec 9, 2010

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Great story, be proud and smoke!

Great post and great points about societal stigmas. I'm a proud smoker too :)

Who-ever is responsible changing one's perception away from smoking being a personal health issue, into a sociological self explanation of ones class is pure genius from a goal/task oriented perspective! Big Brother doesn't get blamed for manipulating the masses, the masses get blamed for their own decisions.

I too enjoy smoking. We used to be able to go to a resturant or bar and be able to enjoy a cigarette. Now they look down on us as bad people. I didn't know that smoking made us second class citizens. To me a glass of wine and a cigarette with a beautiful lady at a bar is a great thing and I enjoy it very much. Ron

Smokers not only are stigmatised for endangering their own health, they are also seen as being responsible to put others at risk. The no-smoking sign is pretty much what the nazi's, the inventors of the smoking ban btw, did to jews, gypsies and others they did not like. Smokers are the enemies of mankind. That is the silent message.

hahahahahahahahaha you really made me laugh now :-) hahaha <br />
the thing is there was a time when society didn't condemn smoking as much and I liked it back then... so I don't think it is because of that but because I just love it!