It always keeps me calm and since i'm nervous all the time,i just can't stop smoking.i would really like too stop because i don't wanna spend so much money on it.My parents find out that i'm smoking and now they don't give me any money.I know that that's what they have to do,but soon i won't have anymore cigarettes,i will go even more crazy about it...
xTitix xTitix
13-15, F
4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

damn, hope u can find a way to get cigarettes. if you were my kid id get them for you.

Try small avolution cigs. It tastes nice

Please help me understand. When did you try your 1st cigarette. Can you add me. I'm interested in really understanding how smoking gets you to feel. We can share anything. YOU want my e mail address !! We can share what you want to. Me , too.

Sorry you are in this position. If you love smoking you will find a way to get your cigarettes! Cheers and deep smoke! I would love an add.