Smoking Makes Me Feel Better...and What About You?

 PLEASURE WARNING: Smoking is addictive; once you feel the pleasure you may never want to stop.

I cant imagine my life without smoking!! I feel very lucky that I smoke!! Smoking is very good!! Smoking is perfect!! I love smoking when I wake in the morning, after shower,after food, after all the things in life!! There is no life without smoking!! Can you really imagine your life without smoking?
I started smoking at the age of 15 and if I could turn the years back, I'd start it even earlier!!! What about You, when did you lit your first cigarette? Was it in a place where you were hiding from your mother or with your friends at a corner of the street,...??? Share your impressions and experience with everyone!

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There is no pleasure like smoking.

Some guys even do it with a cup of coffee as refreshment

W. C. Fields felt sorry for teetotalers. That was as good as they were going to feel all day.

I had my first cigarette at a family friends pool party. The older girls stole some and we snuck off to the back of the yard and smoked one each. My critical cigarette that made me start smoking was firstly an alpine menthol and then my first st moritz menthol at 12 years old. I started smoking menthols daily and told mum I was taking up smoking. I became fascinated with developing an addiction to menthols and that is why I am on this forum. I need to share my feelings with somebody.

Hello my name is Bill and I am 69. I started smoking when I was 14 and I have been enjoying 55 years of smoking pleasure and I really enjoy it right now. I'm glad that there are people like you who enjoy smoking as much as I do and have been . Please text me back and we can talk about our own personal experiences with smoking. Thanks. Sincerely Bill Lynch

I only smoke when im horny... Women smoking makes me horny.... I would love to see you smoke multiples with me in a closed vehicle while i inhale all that 2nd hand smoke.... Sooo yummy

I love smoking can't live without it!

It was just this past spring and I was just turning 32. My boys and I were spending the night at the home of the woman we'd been hiking with all day. It was the same woman who'd introduced us to nude hiking the previous summer and we were becoming better and better friends. I'd been strangely fascinated from the first that this health conscious naturist and avid outdoorswoman was also an avid smoker. She smoked American Spirit, and was pleased to point out that they were all natural. She'd been enjoying a cigarette when we'd first met her on a hiking trail a little over 2 years ago. She'd been sitting on a rock totally nude, and had a deep dark, all over tan that was absolutely gorgeous. She also had to big barking dogs with her, and yet somehow as much as anything I noticed the pleasure she was taking in her cigarette. I'd never smoked, and neither had either of my parents, and until I'd met Sarah I'd never thought I wanted to, but those American Spirit cigarettes fascinated me from the first.<br />
<br />
Anyway, when it finally happened that evening, Sarah and I had finished a bottle of Barefoot Cab, just as we had on several such Saturday nights the previous summer, and we'd sat and talked and snuggled as we had before, but this time we made love. It'd been the first time I'd tasted a woman since my college roommate, and Sarah tasted very good. We shared cigarettes for half the night. She smoked a cigarette while I ate her out, and lit one for me to smoke while she ate me. When she gave me one to enjoy with breakfast I knew I was already getting hooked. <br />
<br />
As I drove home I knew it was decision time for me, and I decided. I bought a pack of cigarettes when we stopped for gas, and held them up so the boys could see them. I told them very simply that I'd started smoking, and would be smoking from then on.

I love waking up and smoking that first cig is so good I just love feeling the smoke in my lungs so much

I'm 32 and I just started last month. <br />
I was drinking and cuddling with the friend after spending the day hiking together. We ended up making love and she gave me one, and then another, and...<br />
Oh well, anyway, I smoke now, and I'm happy about it.

I was 14 when I started smoking regularly. I am iike you I smoke becasue I enjoy it. I have no desire to quit, so not sure if I ever could, but no sense even considering it !

good for u me neither

You really do love smoking, cheers! please add me, thanks.

I am ordering my cigarettes online from for more than half of the year. Discreet ans safe packaging. They saved me about $25/carton on my Marlboros.

Wow, it is really a long story about your smoking! What about buying cigarettes online? Have you ever experienced it? If somebody did so, share your places.<br />
<br />
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I first smoked at age 13. I was afraid to steal a cigarette out of my mom's pack of Marlboro Reds, so I waited until she snuffed one out early and left 2/3 of it in the ashtray. Then I went around the house and emptied all the ashtrays, like the good, helpful boy I was, and kept the 2/3 cigarette in my pocket. Later I went out to the garage, about 100 feet from the house, and lit it. I drew smoke into my mouth and blew it out, thinking I was smoking. I didn't inhale. It tasted lousy. I felt so bad about what I had done that I went in and told my mom. There were no consequences. It was almost as though she had been expecting it. And, of course, I said I hated the taste and wouldn't do it again. I think she knew better, but she said nothing at the time. <br />
<br />
Since it tasted so lousy, I wondered what in the world people found so attractive in it. I began watching Mom and Dad smoke, and I realized they were doing something I hadn't done when I tried it. They drew smoke into their mouths, left their mouths open, and then pulled it into their lungs. Wow! I was half afraid to try it, thinking for sure it would hurt and make me cough. But try it I did, and just a few days later. I went back to the garage, lit another 2/3 cigarette, and after taking a few puffs to work up my nerve, I drew the smoke into my mouth, left my mouth open, and breathed the smoke into my lungs. To my enormous surprise, it didn't hurt or even make me cough. I blew it out and the smoke looked just like Mom's and Dad's. Wow! Success! I did it again. And again. And got very dizzy and sick. I laid down on the running board of my old Model A Ford and wondered what in the world I was going to do now. Since I had said I wouldn't do it again, I couldn't very well tell my mom about it and ask her to help me feel better, so I was dizzy, sick, and scared...all at once. Unbelievably, and thank God, after a while I felt better, got up and went into the house and went to bed, vowing never to do it again. But I did, and pretty soon thereafter. And the next time I didn't get nearly as sick and dizzy, and the time after that I really liked it! I mean...really liked it! Well, truth to tell, I absolutely LOVED it, and thought it was sexy. It was as though I was a 13-year-old seasoned smoker.<br />
<br />
Even so, I smoked only occasionally at that age, and continued off and on through high school. But when I went to college, I started smoking for real. And I continued to smoke, roughly a pack a day, until I was nearly 60--then I quit and didn't touch one for nearly eight years. Last week, I bought a pack of cigarettes and was only going to smoke one. Five bucks to satisfy my curiosity, I told myself, and then I'd throw the pack away. One became two, and so forth, and now I'm on my second pack. Why? That first drag tasted wonderful, and with the second drag, any tension I was feeling evaporated. It felt great. I felt great. The awful truth? I LOVE to smoke. I loved it at age 13, and I still do. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have a smoking fetish. Or maybe it's an addiction that never goes away, no matter how long one has been away from nicotine. Anyway, now I have to decide whether to quit again or tell my wife, who also quit about ten years ago, and face her disappointment. If I keep on "closet-smoking," I know she'll smell it sooner or later. Probably sooner.<br />
<br />
That's my smoking story. Sorry it got so long!

I started because of stress and all the people at work are constantly smoking. I know it is not good but it makes me feel good and it gets me away from it all when I am outside smoking for a few minutes.

I smoke but am not addicted, or am I? See, I do not smoke "full time". Will enjoy it once a month or so, sometimes a pack, sometimes two. Then I stop until my body is fully recovered and to be honest, sometimes that seems to take a couple of weeks. Then I'll smoke again if the right occasion comes up. That could be a get together with some smokers, being in a place where cigarettes are cheap or even just a day to relax somewhere. I enjoy smoking and that's why I do it. I'm worried about my health and that's why I don't smoke more. It does have an impact.

The first time i had took a draw of a smoke was when i was about 11yrs old with my friend when my mum was out, we use to sit up in our big tree in the backyard. We use to just bum puff thinking we were cool but never got addicted. I was disgusted in smoking untill i was 15 & it went from a few draws here & there to a bad case of addiction! I still smoke & yes it satisfies me ecspecially after food or when im stressed but i wish i never started due to the worries of health problems & money wise.i hope i quit