Wish I Could Find Some

There is a quote and I can't remember who it is attributed to but it is something like:

"Loneliness is the pain of being alone, while solitude is the glory of being alone."

I have experienced loneliness in a house full of people.  But rarely have I experienced solitude in a houseful of people. 

Being lonely with people all around you is the worst kind of lonely because you feel you are surrounded by people who just don't get you or who just don't care.

I wish I could experience more of the glory of solitude.  I cherish the moments when I get them.

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6 Responses Jan 29, 2008

It's crazy for me to read your guys stories, because for the longest time, I thought that I was the only one! I too love solitude, but am lonely allot of the time. I feel that I need friends that are the same way, that way when they don't hear from me, until I need some socialization, they will understand and not be offended. I have come across too many people that I seem to "disappoint" because I dont feel that I should have to talk to them everyday, all day in order to be a "friend" Yet at the same time, many friends have come and gone, due to my choice to enjoy solitude. So the quesion is, where are the people out there that dont need the constant communication to keep a friendship going? I am a good friend, would do anything for a person I considered a friend, but I dont need friends around all the time in order to prove that to them. Make sense?

Absolutely makes sense and I appreciate the comment. It has been a couple years since I have been on this site. I have been on quite a journey and now find the peace in the background of my life at all times. Still there is nothing like a journey into the mountains or by the river in quiet meditation and solitutde. Your vibration will attract the right kind of people to you who understand your need for solitude while also staying connected to other. Best of Luck. Namaste

Wildly contradicting need for the society of others! Boy you can say that again. But I am glad to hear I am not the only one. Thanks.

I know the feeling of solitude. My mother raised me to truly appreciate that and she succeeded with flying colors. But somehow I also developed a wildly contradicting need for the society of others---that is when I feel like having them around. So because of that I have quite a fluctuating personality if you can imagine. It all depends on my mood or how creative or contemplative or outgoing I'm feeling on a given day. And because of that, I ultimately find it hard to make and keep friends. So my solitude has made me lonely. It sucks.

I was reading on the internet that this phenomenon (which I feel often) is attributed to having negative thought processes. I don't know if this helps but I have searched for years for an answer and this is now pointing me in the right direction towards finding happiness.

Sometimes divorce can be freeing (not that I know but have dreamed of it at times). Because you can map out what your dreams and intentions are and then move towards them without having to worry about someone else. However, I am learning to do that anyway.