I Enjoy A Lot With Family And Friends

I always enjoy a lot spending time with family and friends. I think it is very important for person like me, who spends more than 10 hrs a day in front of PC, to have some time for family friends, whenever I am with family & friends I just dnt care about the office tensions, work load.  even a small talk of 10-15 mins, makes me feel good.

I try to meet my friends personally, but If that is not possible then I atleast chat with them on msn.

I always see that atleast twice a month I meet my friends.
ajaygodbole ajaygodbole
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2006

Your friends are blessed to have a person like you! You SHOW your friends you care and think about them! Sometimes we get caught up in our own going-ons, and forget about others-unintentionally. Thanx for showing us how Not to do that!