Innocent Amazment

I had the chance to spend some real Quality Time with two of my grandchildren the last several days and My granddaughter is six and my grandson is 6 months.

The 6 month old reminded me of the amazing world we live in.  Everything is a wonder to him.  New sounds, sights, taste...  We made faces at each other and funny sounds and I got to listen to him giggle and copy me.  I love being Grandma

The six year old is a perfectionist and spent time with her making up silly stories, cooking and messing up the kitchen and showing her it's fun to be messy and make mistakes now and then.  She is one of those people that thinks she has to do everything perfectly.  God only knows where she got that idea because no one else in her life is.  

Thankfully she's not critical of others but she will try something new and if she doesn't get it perfectly the first time she either won't try again or focus' on that until it is perfect.

When she learned to spell her name... she literally wrote it over and over and over until it looked like she wanted it to.  I don't know if I should worry about her or not; because we did have a great time making cookies of all kinds of shapes. 

All in all, she's a very happy little girl but hard on her self.

Should I do or not do something?

MtnDawn MtnDawn
46-50, F
Mar 21, 2009