Coffee With My Wife ...

What are you drinking?

me: Venti ice coffee, half and half, two squirts sugar free chocolate syrup and four splenda's

When did you start drinking that?

me: Got turned onto it while in Savannah

*sips* wow that's really good ... very sweet

me: indeed
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

Hmmm..what else did you get "turned onto" in Savannah??? LOL

Awww. Wonder who u mean?! LOL

He didn't catch that need to have a talk with him..mano to mano!!! LOL

LOL...some floggers are made from kangaroos!!! snickers!! it made an impact all right

It is supposed to leave temporary marks..part of the

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Naughty nudie.. kisses

That's headache inducing sweet right there!

It would appear so. *dumb girl expression*

*wink* that's all...