Heinlein, Sex, And ******

Don't get me wrong, I love Heinlein, but sometimes I can't help feeling not quite in tune with his attitudes to sex and relationships- ****** is fine and dandy and faithfulness (distinguishing here between monogamy and faithfulness, for the record), is silly and outdated etc. etc. Now, I'm not really sure myself whether I only have these attitudes because they have been ingrained in meĀ  by society, or because I actually have some rational reason (eek, not a nice phrase but it will have to do). So I just wondered if anyone else has any thoughts on the matter.
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I've read the other responses, and I think Mr. Heinlein probably had all of those things in mind at various points in his career. I do think he was mostly trying to point out that our sexual mores are antiques, and need to be replaced by ones based on genetic suitability, psychological maturity, and personal freedom. In that case - if two adults are healthy, genetically compatible, and like each other --- then with consent, any relationship combination should be "allowed".

And in MY opinion, not necessarily saying this is what Mr. Heinlein said --- the reverse is true - if two people are unrelated, adult, and healthy, but genetically not compatible - then they should always use contraception when they have sex. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

Here's the thing...with stuff like ******, there are ways to get hurt by the activity that are not physical. Even if it's something that happens as adults, it's most likely exacerbating something from childhood that shouldn't be exacerbated. That being said, I think that in most cases when Heinlein was writing about this stuff, it was as a literary device, pushing the boundaries of his genre, or as a joke. For instance, I'm firmly convinced that the thing with Lazarus Long and his mother was just one long gag where RAH was essentially calling his own character a ************.

Well if nothing else his stories have made you think! I myself have read and enjoyed most of them.<br />
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Sometimes we think of something as "wrong" or feel repelled by it, but when we try to analyse why we cannot come up with a rational reason and end up falling back on statements like "because it's just wrong".<br />
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I reckon, if it is consenting adults, and no-one else is harmed by it, then it's fine.

As long as sex between 2 people is consenting, then it should be fine even it's in the same family.

Can you send me a link to his stories

as long as consenting adults are the ones makeing the choices , i agree.