My Spouse Introduced Me...

My spouse introduced me to Heinlein's work back when we were just getting to know each other.  I've since been gobbling them down and after years have re-read many of them repeatedly.

I've never been a huge fan of science fiction writing until Heinlein's stories were shown to me.  The more science, less fantasy style of them sparked my interest in SciFi readings and I've enjoyed acquainting myself with a few other authors who lean that direction.

I enjoy his characters greatly, especially his realistic females.  So far they are the most honestly and accurately portrayed I've ever come across.

Amusing and often thought-provoking, whatever your own opinions on a subject tackled are...
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I think it was theother way around for me i introduced my GF to them at age 12 we were getting ready to go away for 10 days with her mother up up there grandparents cabin and we went shoping on a wednsday night to get stuff to keep us busy<br />
we bought paper dolls and doll stuf then i made stop at the book store and got 2 by him and one the jose farmer the river world<br />
<br />
the next after noon we were sitting on the boat dock as the adults put stuff away and she came out and sat beside me withher head on my lap and started to read stranger in a strange land out loud to me<br />
<br />
the next 7 days followed the rounte pretty much paper dolls in the house when adults were not talking with us or once i could take the boat out by my self we would go to an island not far behinde the cabin and beach the boat and read to each other<br />
<br />
the last weekened of her life we found a new book in japan by him and we spent a lot of time reading to each other then i got recalled on the 13 i was shot downbt friend fire the next morning as my wife walked to her office in siagon she was killed in a bomb blast