My First Time

ME and my gf only recently realized we had similar fetishes, n we started talking about fantasys, and went into details on what wed like from a rape one.

i get her to leave the bedroom to go get something, ive stashed a knife in the room earlier.
While shes out i turn off the lights and grab the knife. As she opens the door, i grab her, push her up against the wall, n put the knife to her neck.
i tell her not to scream and push her to the floor. Get down on top of hold her neck with one hand, start forcefully kissing her. Take the knife and cut her shirt open, cut a piece of it off and blind fold her with it. Shes crying begging me to stop. Start biting her ****. takt the knife and cut her panties, shove a finger in, she moans and screams to stop. put the knife to her neck and tell her to shut up.
Shove my **** in her. she squeals. i smack her thigh. get up toss the knife, grab her by her hair telling her get up, push her on the bed face down. get on the bed n start ramming her. squeezing her neck and smacking her ***. Whisper softly in her ear, u like it?, she cries no, i smack her hard in the ***. I ask again.. she whimpers yes. i flip her over have her legs over my shoulders shoving it deep in her, squeez her ****. Look deep in her eyes and tell her im gona *** deep in you. she cries no... i shove it in her deep one last time n *** filling her... wait a little while with my dik in her, pull out and lay next to her.
put my hand gently on her cheek and ask how it was. she smiles and says GREAT
blablabla4646 blablabla4646
18-21, M
Sep 10, 2012