Oh..my Nature..you Are My Everlasting Company With God.

Oh.. my god..how nice you are..
hai..my nature beauty..what a company you are..

When I feel alone..Each and every losesss..
its small or big..good or bad..what a company you are..

What life without money..rich cloths..sprays..shoes..food..
with empty stomach..but I am satisfied..what a company you are..

Where can study..work..love..life..friends..parends..
No hope..No where..oh..what a company you are..

you are alone like me..yes.. like my life..oh.. how Beautiful you are...
you are doing things regularely..giving peace to who likes you..
Best companion..friend..share holder....solvation..
you are great gift of God...I Love You.....

soon or later I will keep your company...
I love to sit and Share with you many thinks...
really I have lots of Different Matters to tell you...
What a World around me...

Really all are drametists..Vulger charectors..
different diferent maskes people wearing..acting..
what a dreama stage..people..acting...

OOOH...I am Very Lucky...I Have a friend..
YOU..dear friend.. thank you for your everlosting company..
thank GOD..for your Kindness..and Grace..
Really Nature is my altimate company for ever...with GOD.....

....Don Bosco Ks..@...Jeffrydon..

jeffrydon jeffrydon
36-40, M
Sep 8, 2012