Well, Actually

the thunderstorms tip the scale. I love the flashes of lightening, the brighter , the better. And the louder the better for the thunder. I enjoy being scared!

But I love the sunshine too. My mood is a heck of a lot better when the weather is nicer.

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

the weather in Britain never gets too bad, the best thunderstorms are in the summer, at night, I do sit and watch the lightning, i'm always impressed by nature at it's most feral

I love thunderstorms because the power of the universe seems to be showing it's power. I am getting a new front door and I chose a storm door that is completely glass so I can view any storms that come. In Canada the snow storms are many and the beauty of perfectly white fallen snow is a beautiful site to see. Nothing better than sitting in front of my fireplace in the evening with a snow storm blowing outside. The kids roast thier marshmellows and we all sit hot chocolate. It's kind of a safe, cozy feeling for me. I have to say thunder and lightning is my favouite, I get scared from it but it's thrilling.

Exactly. :3

Thunderstorms make me want to crawl under my bed and hide... O.o But I absolutely love sunny days! :)

I feel the same way! I love sunny weather but I enjoy the beauty of thunderstorms too.