Short But Very Sweet

So, Al and I met up with the ever so sexy Dee today. Unfortunately, our time together was cut short due to an interuption that was beyond our control. Still we had almost two good hours of fun with Dee.
We intended on going for lunch and maybe have a drink, but Dee followed us from the meeting point and we went straight to our house instead. While I prepared some lunch, Al and Dee were sitting outside in the back garden and the fun had already begun. Al just loves Dee's gorgeous long legs and couldn't stop touching her up under the table, not that she was complaining, in fact I'm sure she'd admit to rather enjoying it. I was a little concerned as one of our neighbours was outside too and I didn't want them getting the wrong impression. So, I ordered them to get inside if they wanted to play around and from the second they crossed the threshold the play did indeed begin.

All three of us ended up on the livingroom floor kissing, touching and rolling around. It was an interesting start, but I could tell that Al was dying to **** Dee. I helped him get her out of that tarty little flimsy dress she had on and rested against the couch to watch as he licked her **** out. I didn't just sit there though I joined in. Dee and I kissed, touched and licked each other as Al binged on her ****.
It was only a matter of time before he got up on his knees and fed his **** into her. I held her cunny lips open and she was moaning as Al pushed hard into her. He gave her a good shag and seconds after she came he pumped her **** ful of *****. Now this is where it went a bit wrong. Dee and I were in a sixty nine eating each other out and getting right into it and the phone rang. Al answered the call and we had no option but to call the show off. We had to leave straight away and were unable to carry on later.
We were so sorry and felt bad that Dee had tarveled all this way and had her time cut short, but it was nice having her here and we will have her back as soon as we possibly can.

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1 Response May 24, 2012

That is so ******* good babe. I'd love both of you lying in front of me and me going from one to the other licking your ***** and mixing your juices and then ******* both of ye at the same time going from one to the other. I know I wouldn't be able for you two but I'd give it a good ******* go.

Yep babe, you can chalk that down. I sure would.