I Wish I Do It More.

Most of the people in this world don't thinking deeply about the things around them. And there is nothing wrong in it. A person who is not thinking deeply about things and if he is happy, then , I think it is very clever of him that he is avoiding complications.
But I would like to interact more with people who thinking deeply about the things around him/her. I rarely find them, but when I do I like to interact with them. I like discussing about philosophy, life, emotions, religion, science, culture... almost everything. If a person is open minded, then I am his fan. :D
My friend circle do have some friends which sometimes discuss deeply. But such discussion happens once in a million years. :P. It is like an astronomical event like when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Earth comes in a straight line. :D . But I love them all. Sometimes , too much deep thinking is not required. All that is required is 4 friends , 4 glasses and 1 bottle. lol. :D
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I can discuss any topic you've named forever. If you want to chat with a fellow person with an open mind feel free to message me!

I agree with you about how most people don't think very deeply about things going on in the world.