These conversations are rare but when they do occur they somehow make up for that shortcoming. There is something about it; talking about something that maybe meaningless to others but it means all the world to you. Something clicks, you know.
SquaredA SquaredA
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

Deeply.... I like that too! Especially with a pretty gal!

That's a bonus now, isn't it?

Yeah! I take it you like maths... :)

Haha quite the contrary actually

Yo name is 'SquaredA' and it looks like you can add things up pretty quick.....

The name's not because I like maths. The latter maybe true.

So what's in the name?

Random. My initials are AA. So... :P

Wow.... You must be 'A'bsolutely 'A'mazing.... :)))))

Hahaha! Yes yes

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