Talking With Everyone

     I think, talk to people on a deeper level. Is always best, you get a feel for them, they can get a feel for you. You may never talk to that person. But you want to know you help that person on, a deeper level.
    You never know, when you are talking to angel, or god himself. I like talking to people on a deeper level with people.
1. Brings you a little closer
2. You learn a few things, that you didn't know.
3. Ya help each other, even when you don't get to see it.
4. You make a differents when you talk to someone, on a deeper level, and show them. That you care a nuff to do. That for them.  Brings people closer together. Tell me what ya think???
Sourtherngirl Sourtherngirl
22-25, F
Oct 26, 2007