Dp: Always Tried, Never Succeeded Pt 1

I've had the opportunity several times to attempt a DP on several different girls.

I'm pretty big, 9" long and very thick around, so I just accepted that the only way I was every going to have anal with a girl was if I started dating a **** star. When I still had this in my mind, me and my fiance at the time had tried anal several times, but I was just too big. Fingers were fine, but nothing bigger.

Eventually we tarted hanging out with this other couple. After getting to know them quite well, we learned that the guy wasn't that big (maybe 4" hard), but the girl loved anal. It was never a problem for her, he apparently really knew how to use what he had!

Eventually, through another story I will write down somewhere else, we started dating them. Swapping partners, sometimes **********.

One night Asia and Raul came to us, saying they had an idea, and that they hoped Brea (my fiance) didn't mind being left out for the night. They wouldn't tell us what was going to happen, just told me to go to the bedroom. I went in, got naked, and laid on my back. Asia helped me scoot down the bed until my legs were hanging off, then before I could ask what was going on, she climbed on top of me and started riding my ****.

I grabbed on to her hips and, like normal, started pounding up in to her, as Raul grabbed Brea's hair and forced her down on his ****, telling her to get it nice and wet. Brea, being the champion ********** that she is, downed his rod and started to get spit all over it.

Eventually he told her to stop and asked us to stop too. Asia, who had just came all over my **** and was still twitching, kissed me as she breathed hard, while Raul moved in behind her. "Look man, there's no way our legs aren't going to touch, so just get used to it." he said as he moved in behind Asia and I felt him moving his **** around.

Suddenly Asia screamed really loud, I felt her ***** convulsing again as she came almost instantly, and I felt another pressure as Raul started shoving his **** into her *** over mine bin her *****. I tried my best not to move, but it felt so good I pumped slowly up in to Asia as Raul slowly pushed his **** into her ***.

Raul continued to say "Holy ****, holy ****" as he ****** Asia's ***, and I tried to not move because Raul kept slipping out. This became a big problem, as Raul would thrust only a couple times before slipping out again. He would get so frustrated he would get soft, and Brea would have to suck him hard again. This wasn't so bad for Asia, as every time he would push his **** back in to her ***, she would *** all over again, screaming that it was the best thing she's ever felt.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore, and, waiting until Raul pushed his **** back into her all the way again and her ***** started to convulse with yet another ******, threw my head back, shoved my **** deep into her, and shot my *** deep up inside her. Raul sat there open mouthed while I came and she screamed even harder, bucking back on his **** and mine, before eventually saying "Wow... I felt that!" We only realized later that this was the first time I had came in her without a condom.

After this I slid out from under Asia, and Raul pounded her *** as hard as he could before ******* in her as well. We all lay there in the afterglow, Brea sucking my *** and Asia's from my ****, Raul cleaning himself off, Asia laying on her stomach dripping from both her holes, and all we could hear was Asia mumbling to herself "We have GOT to do that again!"
rusted4justice rusted4justice
26-30, M
Jul 25, 2010