Like The Time I Sucked Another Guy's ****...

...while he was passed out drunk on the floor at a party.

With about twenty other people passed out all around us.

And with his mom just gotten home from her night shift at the hospital, doing dishes in the kitchen about ten feet away, around the corner.

I put his limp little **** in my mouth and sucked and licked and nibbled all over it.

He got hard but never came. He never even moved.

I admit it: I got bored.

I eventually zipped him back up and contented myself with squatting on his face and putting my bare ******* right on his mouth.

I even farted.

But that was it.

I ended up in the bathroom down the hall, ************. But I couldn't come.

Since I was well and truly drunk, I thought it would be a great idea to stagger down the hall and dig through the clothes hamper in his mom's room.


I sat in her closet on the floor and jacked off powerfully with her old crusty panties against my face.


By the time I staggered out of there she was just coming in.

She stopped in her doorway and said, really soft, "Get the **** out." And I did.

I drove right home.


Orange juice and Busch beer. 1-to-1. A crazy combination, folks.

I still find myself wishing for the memory of that taste, of the flavor and heat of his *** in my mouth. But it was not to be. I had to satisfy myself with the yellow-brown after-effects of his mom, in her closet, with a ******* tennis shoe rammed halfway up my ***.

Not that I'm complaining.

I didn't clean up after myself, you know. There were great big ropes of me on her carpet, long after I was gone.

I wonder if she sniffed at them at all. Ran her fingers through it. Licked. Sucked. Carpet fibers in her mouth. ***** and carpet and the dust of living. A horny 38 year-old nurse who knew what I did and was safe to satisfy herself about it.

I wonder.

imunderher imunderher
36-40, M
Aug 13, 2010