My Tail And Seamen *****

True story, only the names have been changed:

This happened when I visited a Navy guy's barracks room, while I was stationed overseas, years ago.
I was in my barracks room one night and I was feeling very horny. Guys have always been easier to find for a little 'no-strings' fun, in short order. So I jumped on a web site which I frequented in such cases.
The night began pretty slow, unfortunately. After a while, things looked promising as I began chatting with one guy on-line. Soon, things were getting hot on the web cam. I was showing off, and playing with, myself. He invited me over with the promise of a blow job (at least), and I accepted. His barracks weren't far from my own. So the walk was short.
I quickly made my way there without any problem. Conveniently, he lived in a ground level room, which he gave me directions to, as to avoid the duty person. Climbing through the window, somehow, made it feel more naughty.
We exchanged pleasantries, he invited me to sit on his bed, then he dimmed the lights. It was a typical barracks room, much like my own. There is a living space and a bit of a dressing area with closets and a small vanity/sink set-up. There were two twin beds on each side of the living space. This didn't really leave much room for much else; a little less than a typical hotel/motel room. Between the beds are two chairs facing an entertainment center on the opposite wall, leaving a small space in the center of the room. His roommate waved and left the room. I caught his name, Steve, as they nodded and said 'later' to each other. Steve was about 5'9", olive skin, dark hair and eyes. I kind of wished he would stick around.
The guy I had been chatting with introduced himelf and said his name was Nick. He was about 6 feet tall, had sandy colored hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in flip-flops, shorts, and a t-shirt. I was in jeans, a t-shirt, and shoes.
As he made his way back to the bed, where I was sitting, he stepped out of his shorts and flip-flops. So, he was naked from the waist down. His hardening **** bounced as he walked toward me. My eyes were glued to it, even as he knelt between my legs and began undressing me. It was about 8 inches long, thinner than my own, and had a sharp curve toward his navel. I never noticed, but he had taken his shirt off at some point. He was fit, with a little bit of body fat. He wasn't chubby; but he wasn't a chiselled specimen I often saw in the base gym either.
After he had me naked, sitting on his bed, he began kissing and licking his way from my neck to my groin. He sure paid my nipples a lot of attention. When he eventually got to my groin, he had me lie back with my legs still over the edge of the bed. He licked my balls taking one, the other, then both into his mouth, driving me crazy. By the time he got my **** in his mouth, I thought I was about to explode.
I think he knew I was close. Because he stopped and lifted my legs up high and began giving me my first, last, and only ****** of my life (thus far). I had never expected such pleasure. Soon, he had a lubed finger sliding in and out of my ***, then another, then a third. My **** was throbbing and dripping; I was in heaven. He asked me if I wanted him to **** me. I could only nod 'yes.'
Next he had me put two pillows under my ***, propping it up higher, as he put a condom on his **** and finally took his t-shirt off. He stood on the floor with my *** hanging over the edge. My legs were on his shoulders as he lined his **** up with my waiting *******. I was surprised how easily he slid inside me. My first certainly wasn't so easy and painless. It had to be that superb ******. He began slowly moving his **** in and out. Oh my! I'll never forget, and will always long for that feeling. I was squeezing his **** with my sphincter muscles on each out-stroke. It was like I was trying to keep his **** inside me as much as I could. It felt amazing. By the sounds he was making, I think he liked it to. He stopped a couple of times to make an adjustment. What I was doing, was pulling the condom off his ****. He said we couldn't anymore. I told him to just put his **** back inside me and **** me. He said, "not without a condom."
Another voice in the room chimed in, "I will." I froze. Apparently Steve didn't really leave. He sat, naked, in a chair. Steve had a very well defined body. He could easily moonight as a male model. He was stroking his **** while he watched us. It was beautiful. It had to be at least 10 inches long! They looked at each other, then at me. I was so horny, I nodded. In a flash, Steve's **** was in my *** a little bit at a time until it was completely. Nick sat on the bed next to us as the **** inside me picked up pace. I began my squeezing again as I did with Nick. Before long, Steve was moaning as he his **** injected me with his seed. He started to pull out, but I squeezed and told him to wait. Nick grabbed a hold of my **** which blew my load onto my stomach, immediately. We all shared a chuckle about that. He lapped up the ***, then leaned over me. Without him saying anything I opened my mouth, and he dropped my *** into my mouth.
As I savored it, Steve slid out of my *** and exclaimed what a great piece of *** I was and how Nick missed out. He got out of the way as Nick took his position and gave me another ******, cleaning up some of Steve's come that began making its way out of my *******.
This got my **** hard again. Before I knew it, Steve's mouth was wrapped around it as my *** was getting loved. I blew another load before long and Steve shared my *** with me the same as Nick did.
As soon as Nick was done, Steve had his **** back in my willing *******. Nick moved back onto the bed to watch the action. I reached over and began playing with his **** as Steve slowly ****** me. I stopped everything for a moment. I had Steve, as much as I didn't want him to, pull his **** out of me. I turned over onto my knees, with my *** still over the edge of the bed, then told him to put his **** back in there, and he did. I then told Nick to get in front of me. Now I had Steve's **** in my ***, and Nick's in my mouth. I was the middle of a Navy-Marine-Navy sandwich! I was loving it! After a minute or so, Nick paused everything and slid under me into a 69, while Steve was still ******* my ***. It wasn't long, but not real fast when I came hard into the Nick's mouth. My ****** must have triggered Steve, as he injected me with a second load of his ***. I did my best to keep sucking Nick's **** as he cleaned up Steve's ***. Soon, I was rewarded with a fresh load of *** in my mouth.
I rolled off of Nick and laid on his bed, basking in the moment. Steve collapsed in a heap on the floor and almost immediately began snoring. Before I got to thank him, Nick started snoring too. I wore them out! I sat admiring Steve's glistening **** for a minute. I crawled down and grabbed a hold of it. I was surprised as it grew in my hands. Before I knew it, I couldn't fit my hand completely around it. I was amazed that this beast had been inside me and made at least two deposits. By now Steve had straightened himself on the floor and watched me through weary eyes.
I couldn't resist. On rubbery legs, I straddled him and eased the beast into me and rode him. Soon, to my dismay, he was snoring and his **** began to soften inside me. I collapsed onto his chest and laid until his **** softened enough to slip out by itself. I got dressed and slipped out the window.
I made my way back to my own barracks to pass out too. Before I fell asleep, I could still feel *** leaking out my used hole. Needless to say, I slept very good. It's a good thing I didn't have to be anywhere specific the next morning.

I got caught up in various training cycles and lost touch. I will never forget those two Navymen and the good time we shared.
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