I Have Lots Of Stories

I was only 19 when I met my ex-husband and he introduced me to swinging soon after we met. We were married for 25 years and for reasons I'd rather not discuss here, our divorce became final a little over a year ago. During most of our marriage my ex and I enjoyed a very open and wild sex life and it evolved over the years to include several different facets of swinging and fantasy satisfaction. First we were into swingers' clubs and orgies and during that time I was having sex with women as well as men. We eventually got into mild domination and erotic submission and we started swinging more and more with single men that my husband set me up with. I have fifteen years worth  of stories about my life as a swinger and a hotwife and  I've posted about a few of my experiences here on EP.

If you read my stories  please let me know what you think of them . It's always nice to know that someone else can relate to  my experiences.

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Kink and eroticism is always hot. I'm looking at your stories and would have loved being involved.

I am bouncing through your sex life and just wish i was one of these stories.... they are truely hot!

i luv everything about hoy **** wives

So many men on here like myself writing about their hotwife experiences, but i love hearing the details of an encounter from the woman's point of view. For perhaps obvious reasons, the stories by the hotwife are a bit more intimate and revealing and seem to be more of a first person story than when the man tells the story.

I will enjoy reading your stories and adding some comments as well. Thanks for posting them.

I just got started reading your stories and find your adventures very exciting! Please add me to your circle.

i lookforward to reading your sexcapades hope you will add me

i lookforward to reading your sexcapades hope you will add me

cant wait to read some of your stories

i love this

Hmmmmm I look forward to becoming a friend ;-)

Nicole your stories sound so truthful and I would love to talk with you. My wife has lots of stories and we are still tgether after 48 years... I hope you are OK?

this should be fun