Like Being Touched

i have this habit of taking a busride near my place braless,

there was once i sat at the back of the bus wearing an oversized tee and shorts.

and then this middleage man came and sat next to me, so i was between him and the window.
at first i paid no attention to him, den i felt hot, so i reached up to adjust the aircon.

i dont know what i showed or what he saw,
but as i was just sitting there staring out the window, i felt his hand on my thigh, i was a little startled at this contact but was also curious as to what would happen.? hearing all he stories of girls getting molested on buses/trains. i dont know why, but i think i wanted to experience it myself.

seeing that i wasnt doing anything to stop him,
he leaned into me when the bus rounded a corner. i shifted so that i was facing a little away from the window and that my shoulders were off contact with his. all the while i never made eyecontact or looked at him.

i guess that encouraged him, and the next thing i know he was pressed up next to me, thigh against thigh, arm and arm.
then using his free hand, he reached over and placed them on my right breast, i was a little more scared but i just stayed still and looked out the window.

then i felt him slowly moving his fingers, squeezing my breast, at first softly den he suddenly grabbed them hard.
i bent forward by reaction, mouth open but no sound came out, and when i tried to sit straight again he held me there by putting his hand that was in between our bodies onmy back.

there, he moved his hand under my shirt and started massaging both my breasts, taking turns, i could also feel him rubbing at my nipples, and somehow it felt really strange.

then i heard his voice, low and whispering,
he said" whats a young girl like you riding on buses like that without your bra?"
"are you trying to seduce us men? stretching up deliberately so we'd see your hard nipples?"

i let out and "Oh"
so that was why.

Then he gave one hard squeeze and said "that was nice. see you again"
and got off the bus.

i just sat there for the rest of the ride,
shirt rumpled and a little shocked.

but as i sat there i thought...
that wasnt so bad, and it actually felt good.

From then i began my braless bus rides more and met more interesting men, sometimes pervy teens, and some lesbians.
but i guess i share them another time

enxuan enxuan
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Awesome thanks for sharing

nice to hear your enjoying yourself