Love What Smokings Is Doing To My Lungs

ive been smoking since i was 9, built my habit up to over 3ppd to where i am now happily at 3.5-4ppd. i know my lungs arent what they used to be when i was younger cause if i over exert myself i can get pretty winded, ive got a pretty good cough mostly in the mornings and sometimes ill even wheeze. i love every thing about smoking, and knowing that COPD, emphysema and lung cancer are all in my future. my dr hasnt said much about my smoking but ive had some people i work with tell me i should quit and blah blah blah. had an older lady i work with tell me once that should quit cause ill get lung cancer.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Many will disagree but I consider the breathlessness, coughing and maybe other things, emphysema as a badge of honor.

lung cancer dont kill people, tacos kill people