Enjoy The Challenges That Life Throws At You!

A positive attitude is essential if you want to enjoy life.
People strive for happiness, yet how many start the day by looking forward to what's ahead? Do you feel positive and optimistic about the opportunities that will present themselves, or do you view each day as "just another day"? Indeed, you might already have decided that the day will be a disaster!
Life is full of ups and downs, and it is your attitude that determines how you will deal with each situation as it arises. Say you go out to start the car to go to work. The car doesn't start. How would you react to that scenario?
What would you do?
A negative person may well shout at the car, thump his fist on the steering wheel, and scream at his wife and children that nothing ever goes right.
Rather than trying to fix the problem, Mr Negative has now created further problems for himself. His family will want to stay well out of his way, and venting his anger on the steering wheel has only resulted in a very sore fist. Shouting at the car did not fix the problem either!
So Mr Negative now has a car that won't start, a family who don't want to know him, and a sore hand. There is a good chance that he will also phone his work to say he is sick. His problems have now multiplied, and he is nowhere nearer a solution to any of them.
How would a positive person react? Firstly, he already knows that life has its ups and downs, and that his car not starting is a pretty small problem in the big scheme of things!
Rather than wasting his time shouting, he takes full control of the situation. He knows that there is a solution to his problem, and he will set about tackling it. Because he acknowledges that life doesn't always run smoothly, he is probably a member of the Automobile Association to assist him in such situations. Had he not been a member, he would have focused on other ways to get to work on time.
A positive person does not necessarily have a wide grin on their face all day long. What they do have however, is the determination to ensure that any of life's problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.
Rather than regarding problems as being the end of the world, positive people view problems as challenges to be tackled. They relish new opportunities to ensure the ups and downs of life run more smoothly.
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True said handle challenges makes life meaningful.......Be blessed.......:)

Without problems there is no life.Able to handle challenges makes life meaningful.Overcomings challenges makes life fulfilled.