She's A Nice Girl...

The world needs more people like her...
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

But then I know how this would play out... You'd have all these crappy girls on here who go around this site insulting people clicking the "I'm a nice girl!" button...

There oughta be an EP group for guys whole like "nice girls" and there outta be a way for "nice girls" (we have atleast 3 truly "nice" girls in this circle) to join honorarily...<br />
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EP needs this feature...<br />
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Like for example, I adore heavyset women. I'm not one. I can't make it "a goal". :-D But I should be able to hang out amongst them if I want.<br />
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There should be a way to join EP groups "as the subjectmatter" for lack of a better word. Like if there's a group called "I love computer geeks" and your a computer geek, maybe you don't yourself love them, but since you are one, you sorta got a right to join?