Older Sex

Having joined a course to learn bridge in 2007 i suppose i should'nt have been to supprised to find the other 11 members of the group were at least 65 years of age and apart from one other gent i was the only male, i am 51 and felt quite a bit younger than my colleges, The course was over a 13 week period and eventually we were partnered up, to my delight i was paired with Anne, she was a tallish very elegant lady who had certainly looked after herself, I was later to find out she was a regular keep fit fanatic and had a personnel trainer twice a week. We were encouraged by our tutor to try and get together in groups outside of class, Anne suggested we get together one Friday and to hopefully make it a regular event against different pairs of our colleges, She organised our first game and although we would not be starting till about 7.o'clock she suggested i came round an hour earlier to go through a few things, Being a stickler for always being on time i arrived at 5 minutes to 6. Anne answered the door and although she was still in her dressing gown her hair and makeup was amazing she looked 15 years younger and looked stunning. She took me into the dining room where the table was awaiting our first evening bridge match. I had brought a bottle of red wine and she asked me to open it while she finished dressing, as she turned to leave the room the tie on the gown caught on the back of the chair and flew open. WOW she was wearing a stunning red bra and panty set with suspenders waiting for the stockings to be attached. Anne smiled grabbed the belt and left the room. Anne had been divorced for about 6 years, and had lived on her own ever since. 10 minutes later Anne reappeared dressed in a plain but elegant red dress and accompaning stockings with high healed matching shoes. I poured her a wine, followed her into the lounge which had a real fire in the centre of the main wall a sumptuous leather suite in front of it, we sat down expecting to discuss our plan for the game, but she took the lead in a conversation which really put the stamp on what was going to happen tonight. The under wear i have on is for your benefit she said, before you leave here tonight you will hopefully see a lot more of it. Before i had the oppourtunity to respond there was a knock on the door, our opponents had arrived which really pissed me of as i was now  so excited by the prospects of what was to come later i struggled to hide my erection from the 3 of them when they entered the room, Anne was more aware of my problem as she had probably expected some reaction but Graham and Mary were totally oblivious to my predicament.  Game commenced bang on 7 and at 8 we stopped for a drink, While  Anne gave Mary a quick tour of the house Graham and i went into the lounge, You jammy bastard he said i wish my partner looked like yours how are you managing to concentrate my mind is doing overtime with what i would like to do with her. My response was to ensure him i was there for the bridge not a romp between the sheets, although my thoughts were in tune with his. The ladies returned and we continued the game. we had been playing for about 3 hands when i felt a shoe slide up the inside of my leg, I'm thinking this does'nt happen in real life but Anne foot was now firmly wedged between my legs pressing gently down on my ****. There it remained until the clock struck 10 and we finished up. We stood around for a further 10 mins chatting when Mary said she had to go fortunately Graham had picked her up so they both said there goodbyes and left. I had joined Anne at the door to watch them drive off, As the door closed Anne pushed me hard against the door and said and i quote "I have waited 6 years for this night to arrive and we are going to have some fun" taking my hand we walked through into the Kitchen how kinky are you she said "very" was my response. Good i want to blind fold you and take you down into the cellar. I was beginning to feel a light bit apprehensive but i thought what the hell. she opened a small case which was just inside the door to the cellar pulling out a black leather Blind fold which looked quite old, my first sense was removed as the blind fold was placed over my eyes. the stairs are quite steep she said so put your hands on my shoulders and follow mw down. i was expecting a cold damp enviroment but to my surprise i felt carpet under my feet and it definately was'nt cold, She led me across the room and then told to stop and turn to my left. Anne lean't forward and kissed me on the lips, i promise i will not do anything to hurt you she said but i want you to trust me, Having Known Anne for only 6 weeks i felt comfortable with her and told her i am totally at your command, little did i know how apt that statement was. having removed my jacket earlier in the evening i was only wearing a shirt, Anne unfastened my shirts lifting my left arm then my right into the air sliding both into seperate straps, at this point she moved away and although i could hear her close to me she said nothing the next time I felt her she was behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist she pulled herself tight against me her dress had been removed as i felt her skin against mine, undoing my belt and sliding down the zip my trousers fell to the floor gripping my **** with one hand her other moved up my body and started to pinch my left nipple that hurt a little and made me flinch, she whispered in my ear "a little pain can be very exciting" at that point i again thought had i done the right thing,. my **** however was extreemly hard and my heart was racing so i suppose I had. Anne removed the remaining cloths leaving my completely naked and tied. Still standing behind me she removed the blind fold. My eyes then caught sight of a fully equipment dungeon. This was my husband John's pride and joy she said, as a couple we have had many a pleasurable night in here, You are the first person to come down here for 6 years but before that i was regularily in the position you are, I always wanted to change places with John but he never gave me the oppourtunity.  Anne come around in front of me my **** was hard and when i set eyes on what she was wearing it was'nt going to get soft, pulling a bench up in front of me she sat down opened her legs wide apart pulling her panties to one side she started to play with her clitorus, this continued for quite some time until she appeared to be close to an ****** she stoppped knealt forward and took my **** into her mouth. after a few minutes she stood up and asked me if i had ever been whipped or struck with a riding crop, my answer i think surprised her as some years previously i had experienced a evening involving whips at a friends stag weekend and although it was quite mild i did enjoy it, the next contact with Anne was a riding crop on my bum not hard but enough to feel it and as i later found out enough to leave a mark. This was also directed at my **** again hard enough but not to unbearable. Anne removed her bra and panties and although she was the wrong side of sixty her body was stunning, opening a bottle from the shelf she began to rub oil into my **** which she now started to ********** sliding smoothly through her grasp, she pressed her body onto mine and whispered i want your ****, releasing me from the straps i pulled her towards me and kissed her we dropped to the floor and began playing with each other, "lick me" she demanded and as i get as much pleasure from licking a nice ***** as much as the person on the receiving end i moved slowly down her body eventually stopping at her extreemly wet *****, i have always considered myself an expert in this area and it was not long before i felt her shudder and a gentle trickle of her juices slid across my tongue. I lifted myself up and holding me firmly around the neck we kissed more passionately than anything i'e experienced in all my 51 years. Take me to bed she said, leaving the dungeon in darkness we moved to her bedroom, fell on the bed and slowly made love, I did'nt last to long as i had nearly come 3 or 4 times earlier but it was still an amazing evening. I'm not sure if it was a plan that she had spent time working on but we only managed to spend one more night together some 2 weeks later before she told me she was leaving to move in with her son. we have kept in touch and i am hoping to see her in a few weeks, If i do maybe I'll have another story to tell. The imagination is a wonderful thing the story above is true but my imagination is running away with itself, hopefully our next meeting without the dungeon will as exciting.




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51-55, M
Mar 3, 2009