Humor Is My Medcine

A life with no humor is no life indeed. Damn right I love having people over who can make me laugh and not take like so seriously. I myself enjoy making others laugh.  My only regret is that I don't have people over enough to make me laugh and get that special high from laughing. Feel good for days afterward. I myself have had my life pulled out from underneath me and I damned if I'm going to stay down. In fact today seemed like an up swing day for me.  Be waiting a long time for this to come. Don't you just get that energy from someone who has a sense of humor and want more and more of it.  That's the way it works for me. Always looking forward to going over to as friend's because I know they are going to give me some humor.  That's one thing I really miss about my husband was his awesome sense of humor. He woke up every day with the best upbeat positive attitude that you just wanted to take some away from him. Never did you see this man down with a bad attitude. Of course I along side of him had my own good sense of humor and positive attitude.  We didn't't allow sullen winning to go on in our house.  Take it some where else.  Be happy! Everyone I have know has always enjoyed the company of my husband guess sometimes it seems he's putting on a show. No that's just him.  I got really lucky when I married him.  My own private show daily. Share your humor with as many people as you can you'll make their day a better day. I unfortunately am sick a a lot which keeps me home so I miss out on going out to have fun.  I'll have to get my husband to change that.  Sick or not I should just get the hell out of the house. Write back and humor me now why don't you. 
q45debra q45debra
56-60, F
Nov 30, 2012