Love It When Her Bf Makes Her Horny!

My wife has been ******* her bf for about 2 years now, seeing each other whenever possible. They can screw each others brains out three or four times in a weekend or once every few weeks, their schedules sometimes just dont line up. My wife tells me everything that has to do with her and her bf, such as when he texts her asking to see her or before she ***** him as well as after, she knows I love it and she loves turning me on with it. I always ask about how he likes to screw her.

She loves to tell me as I get to feel and enjoy the sloppy seconds, she tells me he is usually pretty forcefull and dominating over her, and she loves it! She loves it when he treats her like a **** and a *****, and I love it too! She tells me he likes to have her suck his larger uncut **** on her knees grabbing her hair as she pumps his thick shaft and licks his balls. He then likes to have her on her back as he ***** her hard, holding her down with his hands around her neck, almost choking her, but this drives her crazy and she always **** many times when he does this! She tells me he usually turns her over and enters her from behind holding her arms back with one hand and sliding two or three fingers in her *** as he pounds away at her *****. She tells me he likes to *** inside her even though he knows she never lets me do that. She says he makes her feel like a sexy dirty **** so she lets him do anything he wants. I often encourage her to dress very slutty for him making him **** her even harder, then after she tells me how great it worked and her ***** is usually soaked and swollen from his pounding.
He has a certain control over her and I do enjoy it. Recently he texted her out of the blue telling her to change into something hot and to meet him at his house. I even helped her pick out a sexy outfit to wear and she was so hot having me send her off to get screwed, telling me she will be back with a soaked horny ***** for me to enjoy! She touched up her make up and wore a black lace top with matching lace crotchless boy shorts and her black knee high boots with a 5" heel. She put on a thin jacket and flew out the door. He doesnt live far and she was gone for about an hour and a half. She walked into our bedroom and she looked so hot! Her hair was messed up and her **** were red from being bitten and ******. Her panties were in her purse and her **** was huge and ***** was leaking and swollen, she looked like a used *****! I was all over her, and she smelled like him, his cologne and *** was all over her and she was still so horny. She laid me down and sat on top of me making sure her ***** was inches from my face. She asked me if I liked her being a **** and a ***** and if her ***** is what I wanted it to be, all ****** and stretched and filled up from someone else...I looked her in the eyes and she was still full of lust, as i smiled and told her YES! She moved her sex so I could taste her slick lips now oozing the mix of thier ***, she let me clean the outside of her ***** and suck her **** as she told me he had *** three times inside her! She told me he loved her outfit and she never took the boots off because they made her feel sluttier for him. She then moved down and grabbed my aching **** and I slid into her soaked sex. I fell right in, and she moaned as her **** hit my pelvic bone. She grinded on top of me for a bit letting me feel her soaked insides asking if I liked it better now, all I could do was smile and nod my head as the feeling of thier *** was dripping down my balls. She then started to ride my **** telling me how good it was to **** his larger thicker ****, and he made her *** and squirt all over him and the bed. She told me he called her his **** and he might be calling more often and he wants her to go away with him for a few days soon! He told her she should be getting some more outfits including sexier dresses to wear for him. She asked me if I would let her go and be his ***** for a weekend or two, telling me there might be some of his friends there too that he wants her to meet and maybe **** as well. My wife who smelled and tasted like another man's *** was asking me to be that man's ***** for a weekend, as I pounded her sloppy ***** my wife almost begged to do it. So I told her yes. This sent her into another ****** flooding my **** and balls with *** and that made me explode, adding to the mix in her used *****. After she came down she asked me again if it was ok, and I again told her yes, but I want video and pics of her that weekend. She told me not to worry as she grabbed our video camera and flipped it on giving it to me. She smiled and started to lick my semi erect **** cleaning the *** off getting me ready for some more ****-wife sex!
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Hey Tatooed1, That sounded fabulous, you are one hell of a lucky guy, loved the story and i can quite understand the feelings you have for your beautiful wife. I love the same thing myself.<br />
Keep them stories *******, great.<br />

It's amazing seeing her so excited before she sees him, knowing he and I are going to screw the hell out of her! She makes such a beautiful **** when she lets herself go like this!