Wonderful Night.

After a family party in one of the local halls in our town, my wife Sue and i went back to a friends house for a few more drinks

There was a single male friend of ours there called Andrew who had often flirted with my wife in the past and was always making suggestive comments to her, which she enjoyed enormously.

I was sitting in the front room having a drink when Sue came into the room, obviously aroused. She whispered in my ear that she`d been snogging Andy in the kitchen,. She told me as they were kissing, he was fingering her and she had been stroking his ****.

I was really turned on, she knew I would be because I had been telling her for years that I`d like her to have sex with another man. We made our excuses, and arranged a taxi home, taking Andrew with us.

When we arrived home I gave Andrew a drink and of course had one myself. Sue sat next to Andy on the sofa. and started to kiss and fondle him.. She undid his zip and removed his swollen **** from his pants .As she did so she bent her head downwards and started sucking it.

I could see he was enjoying it when his eyes closed and his head rolled back. .By this time I had an erection myself.

After a few minutes it was obvious that Andrew was uncomfortable with the situation, not knowing that I actually was relishing the fact that he and my wife were getting it on in front of me.

She told me to go upstairs so that they could be alone. I duly obeyed and went up to bed.

A couple of minutes passed, then I could hear my wife groaning, it was obvious she was being ****** as I had heard the same groaning a thousand times before. I had to ********** myself as I could hear her rhythmical moans as his **** was thrusting into her beautiful wet ****.

It was over an hour before she came upstairs into our bedroom. Her dress was hanging off , her cheeks were flushed and her hair was all over the place, but she had a smile on her face. She dropped the dress off her shoulders, she had nothing else on, her panties and bra had gone earlier. She got into bed with me. She said she`d had a wonderful time and really enjoyed herself. She thanked me for letting her be ****** by someone else.

I was turned on like never before and it felt like I was madly in love as if it had been the first time we made love.

We kissed passionately for a while. I gently rubbed my hand around her groin area, my hand slid down to her fanny and I began to stroke her. She was deliciously wet as she was still drenched with Andy`s ***. This was wonderful, now I really knew she`d been ****** because her **** was full of someone else`s love juice . I just can`t describe how horny this made me, but it was`nt just that, I now admired my wife even more. She`d screwed another bloke and I loved it.

We made love and I could feel my **** in her with the wetness of another man`s *** all around it. "ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING“.
With wonderful thoughts of her enjoying her lover inside her along with the fact that he'd spurted his *** deep inside her, my mind was deliriously happy with absolute adoration for Sue.

Andrew had stayed the night on the sofa downstairs, and in the morning Sue went downstairs to see if he could manage some more loving. It was'nt long before I could her groaning again, so I could tell immediately she was getting screwed again.

She again returned some time later, again filled with Andrew's ***, I was absolutely in awe of my wife.I seemed to love her more deeply than ever before and could not stop myself from kissing and hugging her for days afterwards. It was like being in love all over again.

I dont have to tell you that this was a lifechanging experience for both of us and obviously continued with our newly enhanced sex life with my wife taking lovers from time to time.
We have had some great times since that day but that first experience of cuckoldry will remain in my memory till the day I die.

Without a doubt a most" Wonderful Night"

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What a wonderful wife you have,love the way she returned to you for the night,then going back to her lover, for good morning quickie.

Hi and thanks, it works very well for us.

Hi and thanks

I especially found it hot how she went back and forth between her lover and you. There is something so erotic about a woman who enjoys being ****** by another man an her husband.

Could not agree more with all the coments above. My wife and I have been exploring this and itsbrought us closer together, especially sexually, than ever before!

Hi, yes it amazing the difference it makes to a relationship is wonderful, thanks

Thanks very much for all your comments, I thought for a long time that I was a bit weird liking my wife to have other men.It's great to know there's an awful lot of guys out there just like me. Thanks.

We were warming up for a MFM one night when the man said he was not comfortable with me there. So my wife and he went to the bedroom leaving me in the lounge listening to music -- at first, until the sounds of them having sex got louder.

She called me in after 30 minutes or so and I got to **** her immediately after he had come in her, while she gave him a *******.

As accustomed as I was to the sounds of my wife being ****** by another man in our frequent **********, this time was really exciting as I could only hear the sounds and imagine what they were doing.

It was brilliant, as was the three-way sex later

Hi my friend, yes it really is a wonderful experience, thanks.

Great story. Its funny how we all, (Cucks) tend to have very similar reactions to our wifes infidelity.<br />
Like you said its mind blowing. I think that I waisted all the years of hgging her to myself.

I respectfully take issue with one word you use -- our wives' "infidelity".

This suggests something wrong. My wife is faithful to me, even when she is being ****** by someone else (with or without me) because we have faith in each other's love.

No infidelity at all

Hi grasser, yes I completely agree,
thanks for putting me right.

Nice response, mate

I can understand how most people would view a wife ******* another man as her being unfaithful but it does not apply to us.

Hi, ye it is, I thought I was a bit peculiar, but it seems like there muxt be millions just like us, great isn't it.

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This is a very nice experience but next time try staying in the bedroom with them but wear a blindfold! Your mind will go mad lisyening to the sounds of sex

Thanks, altough i have been in the room and seeing her with another guy, I've never been blinfolded, perhaps I'll try it.

Thanks, altough i have been in the room and seeing her with another guy, I've never been blinfolded, perhaps I'll try it.