I Want This So Bad

I have wanted my wife to start cheating on me for a while now. I have talked to her about it and we have taken steps toward a cuckold marriage. She even went on a date once, all she did was kiss the guy but still, it was a step and it was enough to drive me crazy. But then everytime i think we are getting close life seems to get in the way. something happens or we get busy or whatever.

It is sooo frustrating. We sometimes use my cuckold fantasies in our foreplay but its not enough for me. I dont think she realizes fully how much i want this to happen. >.<
willinghubby69 willinghubby69
22-25, M
4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I know the frustration for sure!

Find some way to communicate that to her. Honest and open is the best way to navigate this erotic path you are on. Cheers, mjb0007bond

do you prefer a straight or a bisexual bf for your wife ?

straight, i want her to have a dominate manly bf

I know just what you mean my friend... I too spent many a YEAR to get us where we are today, but finnaly some fruits of patiance and persistance.
Just don't loose focus, be horny all the time you spend together but always focusend on having a third party in the romance, for instance ask her in private if liked some guy both of you saw that you might think is attactive, stuff like that, you know... If you get a chance, read my story "It took a while..." May bee you will find it helpfull...