The Cuckold Category, Is That Me?

The cuckold label has so many facets to it these days, and seems to be applied generically to all men who get a sexual thrill out of sharing their women. The original historical definition of a cuckold was a man with an adulterous wife, who was having sex with other men without his knowledge. That certainly doesn't still apply today. Having knowledge of the wife's extramarital exploits is of the utmost importance to today's cuckold. Wikipedia's definition says: "In modern English it generally refers to the sexual fetish in which a male gain sexual gratification from his partner's having sex with other males." I do think that in our circle, cuckold has a wimpy connotation attached to it. If I go to a wife sharing chat room and a guy has a username such as "cuck Mike" that generally means that he is going to be closer to the wimpy side of the spectrum than a man with a username such as "she sucked boss". The problem we face is that we are all lumped together into one category, under the cuckold label. If we go to a cuckold website to read a story about a naughty wife that allows her husband to put her charms up as a bet in a game of darts, we also have to wade through stories about men wearing chastity devices under their pink panties. An analogy that comes to mind is that it's similar to your average Joe wanting to watch some ****, but the gay videos and the straight videos are all put into the same category.... Sex.

I guess we need a new term to describe our proclivity. Wittol is an old term, but too outdated and doesn't roll off the tongue. "Wife sharing" is pretty innocuous, but then do you describe yourself as a wife-sharer? Too wordy and hard to say.

In the "outside world", I would definitely be considered an alpha male. Last time I was on a jury, I was elected the foreman. I am a natural leader, a hunter, an outdoorsman, I'm 6'2", 260 pounds, and have a average sized ****. In my sex life though, I like to surrender the alpha role, but most times find it hard to do in the actual presence of the man who is, or will be, taking my wife. When we are face-to-face, it is so hard for me to play the submissive role in front of another guy. My wife understood this, so, with my encouragement, Diane would meet and play with other guys and then come home to me with graphic descriptions of her naughty exploits. Diane would often go out on Friday or Saturday night either alone or with a girlfriend. Every so often, she would hook up with a guy. Some of them were tourists, but she also hooked up with a lot of "locals" through the years, including seven of her coworkers, one of those being her boss. When she would play in our small town, the other men usually knew me, but did not know I encouraged Diane, and assumed she was cheating on me. If she was enjoying the company of other men away from home, such as on vacation, she preferred to tell them that her husband knew what she was doing, and encouraged it. Sometimes Diane and I would be out together at a hotel bar on vacation. Diane would usually dress provocatively, always braless, and she would always be "flirty" and make eye contact with other men and engage them in conversation if they were in close proximity. Diane really loves to dance, and is excellent at it. I on the other hand hate to be on the dance floor. Diane would almost always except a dance invitation from another man, and often would initiate the invitation herself. Many times we would end up with a guy sitting at our table next to Diane. Even though my appearance may be intimidating, the guy could tell from my demeanor that I wasn't having a problem with my wife flirting with him in front of me, and would start flirting back, getting progressively bolder as time passed and the drinks flowed. Even though I was always extremely excited watching Diane interact with this other man, I would always get very uncomfortable as he would start to publicly assert his claim on my wife as other nearby patrons watched the scene unfold with rapt attention. I would eventually excuse myself, saying I was going back up to the room to bed because I had too much to drink and wasn't feeling well. Diane would always say she wasn't ready to go and wanted to dance some more . Her new admirer would usually give me a smug smile and say something suggestive like "Don't worry, I'll take care of her!"......... I would mumble "thanks" and walk up to my room giving them the rest of the night alone together. If the lounge was crowded enough, I would give them about a half an hour, and sneak back down to spy on them................ I loved watching Diane with other men, but I liked to do it from the anonymity of a hiding place....... I've peeked through steamy car windows to watch my wife..... I even placed a ladder against the side of my own house once, to watch one of her coworkers furiously pumping between her spread legs in the middle of my living room carpet.
My reluctance to relinquish dominance in front of other men has also cost me a handful of opportunities that I regret to this day. One in particular happened when we were in our 30s. There was a nude beach within driving distance that we would frequent three or four times a year. The atmosphere and setting was very sexually charged. Most women would keep their legs together while sunbathing, but Diane would spread her legs and put her pink ***** on display, often attracting too many spectators in which case I would have to tell her to close her legs until the crowd thinned. It was hard to do very much sexual activity during the day because of the life guards on patrol, they would be looking for it, and give tickets and even arrest people for public sexual display, although you could always get away with a little discreet fondling and rubbing. But at 6 PM the lifeguards were off, and a few hours later just after sunset, the beach would get fairly deserted and that's when you could sometimes witness naked couples going behind Rocky outcroppings and into secluded areas for sex. One day just after sunset, Diane and I had packed up our stuff from the beach and were heading up the sand towards the trail up the steep bluffs, to our car. We were still naked, and were carrying our clothes which we would change into just before leaving the beach. We had been drinking vodka and Pepsi all day, and Diane was especially drunk since she didn't have to drive. We had stopped for a short rest and were sitting on some rocks against the base of a bluff when a group of four naked men came walking by and detoured over to talk to us. The group consisted of three white guys, and one black guy. The black guy was extremely muscular and had an enormous flaccid **** that was obscenely obvious. It was by far the biggest flaccid **** I had ever seen in real life, and the guy walked up and stopped 4 feet from Diane. Since she was sitting and he was standing, his **** was directly at her eye level. The rest of the group came up around and were very friendly, engaging us in innocuous conversation about the weather and the beach. (I'm usually the gregarious talker of the family, but in situations like this I'm pretty quiet, Diane did most of the talking.) During the conversation it was obvious to everybody that Diane was checking out the obscene spectacle dangling in front of her. I couldn't blame her, I kept trying to get a glance at it also..... It's like one of those things that we would have said to each other "oh my God, look at that!"..... if he wasn't standing right in front of us. Diane was bubbly and flirty and I could tell her buzz was going pretty good. One of the guys pulled a couple cans of beer out of a day pack and offered them to us. I declined, but Diane accepted the offer. The black guy was a pretty skilled conversationalist, and did most of the talking. He was obviously the leader of this little group. I figured that the white guys were voyeuristic tagalong's, and enjoyed seeing women react to their black friends "novelty ****" and sometimes even got to watch their friend go farther with a woman, maybe even getting a little themselves. It was obvious that these guys were interested in my naked wife, and this would probably be their last chance of the day to flirt with a naked woman. After about five minutes, I guess the guys got tired of standing and sat down in a semi circle in front of us. Now Diane's shaved, pink slit was at eye level with the black guy sitting just in front of her on the sand. Her legs were far enough apart for him not only to notice, but to comment "I must say, you have a very pretty *****" (Which is true, and Diane knows it and is proud of it, and just loves the attention), I guess that's why she answered with "I know", which was a pretty ballsy reply that I attributed to the alcohol. (At this point, the guys were no longer addressing any conversation or attention to me, it was all directed to my wife and I was basically ignored) The black guy commented that most of the women on the beach kept their pink womanly charms hidden from view....... Diane started with a slightly drunken rant that I've heard her tell me more than a few times....... "I know, I don't understand it"..... "If you're naked at the beach, why not let guys see it, I don't understand what the big deal is"........... "I think it's sexy exposing myself like that to men, knowing they're getting turned on just by looking at me"........... the black guy immediately chimed in... "Well I'm getting turned on by looking at her, what about you Tom?" As he gestured to his cohort,....... "oh yeah"..... Tom eloquently replied followed by another guys "Me too"......... The black guy scooted up in the sand a little bit closer to my wife and said......... "Come on baby" ....... "spread your legs a little more give us a little better view of that beautiful *****"............ Diane leaned back on the rock, holding her arms straight down behind her to support herself. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes, then lewdly spread her legs for the ogling strangers lustful gaze......... One of the men immediately started rubbing his penis as he leaned in for a better view and another of his buddies followed his lead and started stroking his **** as I watched it slowly swell and engorge. In these type of situations where my wife is sexually interacting with other men in my presence I am always extremely sexually aroused...... but for some reason my penis will not usually be erect unless I am also providing tactile stimulation to it in some form. But in this situation, my penis immediately began to engorge as my wife displayed herself unabashedly to the strangers. Spending the day at the nude beach is always extremely arousing for both my wife and I, with surreptitious stroking and touching occurring throughout the day, along with the added excitement of having strangers lasciviously and openly gawking at my naked wife. This puts us both in and almost constant state of arousal throughout the day.
I knew my erection would be an obvious green light to the men to take things even further, and this thought aroused me even more as my penis became fully and totally engorged to the point where it was obviously twitching along with the beat of my heart. The black guy glanced over at my throbbing erection, then looked me dead in the eye and gave me a slight smile, obviously to acknowledge my excitement. He then reached forward and lightly placed his hand on the outside of my wife's calf, down towards her ankle, and slowly and lightly moved his fingertips in a circular massaging action on her skin. Diane audibly sucked in her breath, almost like a gasp in reverse, the moment she felt the strangers touch on her leg. Her reaction was not missed by anybody, and she remained motionless in the same position with her head hanging back and her eyes closed. Her nipples were rock hard and her areolas were puckered. Since the sun had gone down it had become progressively cooler as time passed, especially with the slight breeze on our bare skin. I was getting cold myself but I could tell that my wife was not just cold she was becoming sexually aroused. Her breasts were now obviously heaving as she started breathing heavily, and she was slightly arching her back as the strangers fingers ever so slowly worked their way up the outside of her calf. I knew her vagina was beginning to lubricate, and wondered if any traces of the glistening evidence were visible to the men as they stroked themselves, their eyes transfixed on my wife's displayed *****. The black alpha male really knew what he was doing, building up my wife's lust so gradually. It reminded me of an old proverb that says if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will immediately hop out. But if you put the frog into a pot of cold water then turn the heat on low, the water will get hot so gradually the frog won't even notice until it's cooked. The black stranger was now leaning uncomfortably forward to reach, as his hand inched its way up to Diane's kneecap, so he got up onto his own knees moving close enough to my wife to kiss her ***** if he so desired. He then lightly placed his free hand on Diane's other knee causing her to gasp, raise her head and open her eyes. She looked directly into the stranger's eyes, and he remained motionless, his hands on her knees for what seemed like forever, but was probably more like 20 seconds..... The stranger then slowly started to pull my wife's legs even further apart causing her to softly gasp....... "oh god"... As she laid completely back on the rock, partially due to fatigue in her arms but mainly out of sexual surrender to the man between her legs, her feet now no longer in the sand, but in the air. During the previous course of events a handful of men passing by had parked their towels on the sand nearby check out what was going on with the group of men and the woman. When Diane laid back with her legs spread, a couple of the men immediately got up, moving close by to witness what would inevitably be some type of sexual spectacle. Unfortunately, the rock tilted back at too steep of an angle, and was too jagged for Diane to remain in that position for long ....... so she had to sit back up. My wife complained about being cold and the black man extended his hand and helped her to her feet. He said "We have some nice warm blankets and a cooler full of beer in our little camp over here, come on, I'll show you." And started walking hand-in-hand with my wife towards a 40 foot fissure that had been carved into the side of the bluff from erosion. It had a 3 foot wall of stacked rocks across the entrance that would provide privacy if the people on the inside were laying, or sitting down. At this time of day though, the light was quickly fading, and privacy was becoming less and less of an issue. I had to gather up our two beach chairs, umbrella, clothes bag, towels and backpack, and hurried to catch up with my wife and the four men. They were all standing at the entrance to the little canyon. Diane had made them wait for me, and she was still holding hands with the tall, black, alpha male, as I walked up to the group. (The sight my wife just standing there, holding hands with the large naked black man at the entrance to their private shelter, had so many psychological connotations, and was an amazingly erotic sight to behold.) ........ If only Diane would've said "Hurry up slowpoke, we're waiting for you!", I would've dutifully followed the group into the shelter, taken a beer, and sat quietly in the corner, a silent spectator as the men took complete advantage of my naked, drunken, wife.
Unfortunately, my wife asked the question, "What do you want to do?" As all eyes now were upon me. I came back with the brilliant comeback, "I don't know, what do you want to do?"...... (if she would only have given me a yes or no question like "Is it okay if we stopped for a while?" I could've mumbled "yes". For some reason, I get embarrassed and intimidated in conversations where men are openly flirting and/or groping my wife in front of me. I love watching the interaction, but if the conversation involves anything besides a yes or a no, I get totally tongue-tied, unable to voice my true thoughts and wishes. Anyway, after my brilliant comeback, "I don't know, what do you want to do?"......... Diane replied, "whatever you want to do is okay with me.".... H was pretty tongue-tied, and before I could reply, one of the horny little henchman told my wife "Don't worry about him sweetie, he's fine, let's get some beers ."........ I was pretty pissed, and the black guy sensed that, and tried to smooth things over, appealing to me directly, saying "come out of the wind for a bit, have a few beers, give Diane a chance to warm up.".... giving me the perfect opportunity to say "yeah, that sounds like a good idea". But again, before I could muster my reply, the little gnome henchman (who was half my size and obviously quite drunk himself) had to get in my face again and hiss... "Tell the lady to have another beer, dickhead"..... and that totally pissed me off, and pushed me into a corner. I told the guy "**** you *** hole, took my wife's hand, and resumed the hike up the bluff to our car. (The black alpha male was totally pissed at his stupid little sidekick, and I could hear him cursing at the dwarf as we walked away)

I've been in a handful of situations similar to that one throughout the years, where I've gotten too uncomfortable, and sabotaged a "sure thing" between my wife and a horny stranger. And when I say uncomfortable, I don't mean uncomfortable with the situation my wife is getting into, I'm talking about being uncomfortable with the level of public humiliation that I personally come face-to-face with during the actual occurrence.

On so many occasions I've wished I could go back in time to that moment on the beach, swallow my pride, and just tell my wife to have another beer. A gang bang is one of the few sexual experiences that Diane hasn't experienced in the realm of wife sharing, and is something we have both openly fantasized about many times in bed throughout our marriage. We have also discussed that particular day at the beach on more than a few occasions, and Diane agreed that the night would have ended with the entire group using her naked body for their sexual satisfaction. ....... david
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Jan 12, 2013