My Fantasy ( My Wife With Black Guy ) Came True Spontaneous

I always fantasize to see my wife having sex with black.I already told her about my fantasy,
She get very excited in sex whenever I mention her ex black work colleague, his name is king .With the time I realized she get more excited and turn her on if I tell her that king is gonna **** for me and I will watch him, she enjoy the idea so much
We decided one day to go to hotel, so at the evening we went to hotel sauna ,there were already sexy muscle black sitting there , she start laughing and saw her watching him very romantic way.
I said to her : you know I cannot stay longer in sauna and am going to my room and you can join later .
I gave him opportunity to seduce her, I was expecting she will give him her cell phone number without I know just to stay in contact, hoping they start having a friendship first and of course he will manage ******* my wife for sure in few months . that What I was expecting to happen, but the things goes too fast. So I went to my room I ********** and imagine them both having sex.
30 minute later she is still not at room so I went to check id she is at sauna, both they left, and checked everywhere around without vin.
At that time I was so turn on , I went back to the room and start continue ************ again very strong
After 1 hours, she came back to my room and when I asked if she was with him she denied that and I insist on again then she finally said: what if I was with him, are u gonne to be mad?
Then I said this is very exciting for me
She said : are you sure for real or just imagination .How about if I make out with him?
I said: I am very ok with that because I like it
She start confessing: I know it is exciting for you to see me with black guy, we just played around, but it was not my fault , because you left me alone with him in sauna, then I got totally seduced and he managed to bring me to his room, but we just had slight sex without penetration.
I said: why did he not penetrate you
( I was expecting her telling me that she wanted only to make out with him,)
She said: first he has very large one, time was not enough for him to make my ... wet and make it ready to take it deep enough, so I do not want to be late for you and want to have your permission if we can have real sex.
I said : I love you so much, because you asked me for my permission, I really appreciate that.
She said : now can I continue with him for couple of hours
I said: honey I want you to enjoy him for the whole night, I want him to please your body the way you want.
She said: are talking serious, I love you so much , your really wonderful
She spent the whole night with him, I was ************ as a crazy , then she came back to my room at 11 :00 am then when I asked her how it was,
she said : it was a wonderful night even I was not able to take his ... inside because I was not mentally ready for that, I was too scared he can hurt me too much.
I told her : it just question of time, u can take it for sure one day.
Fortunately the guy was student , so I had no problem to let him staying as wife friend .
They meet every Saturday to have sex in his room in dormitory, I remember after one month she start taking his ... but not fully.
He stay as my wife friend for more than one year then they broke up for many reason. My wife said to me she like having one night stand with the right black man but not for friendship.

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