First Time She Spread For Another Man

I met, and fell in love with my wife at an out of state college. The sex was fantastic, but I always used condoms to avoid getting her pregnant . During summer break, I had to return to my home town, a thousand miles away, to stay with my family and make a little money at my old job during the summer. I wrote daily letters to my girlfriend, and we were on the phone with each other every night, anticipating our reunion at college in the fall, and seriousy disscussing that fact that marriage was in our future. A few days after we got back together after our long summer apart, Diane made the tearful confession that she had ****** two different guys during the summer. At first I was totally furious, and told her it was over between us. But after a few days of thinking about it I cooled off and found myself starting to get oddly excited thinking about her infidelity. Eventually we got back together. Over time, I would occasionally question my girlfriend about details of her encounters with those guys. At first she was extremely hesitant, and she only gave me small bits and pieces such as when, and where it happened. But it didn't take her long to realize how aroused I would get by her little confessions. I clearly remember the turning point in our sex life. One afternoon, I was pressing her for some more details of her naughty infidelities, as she was slowly stroking my throbbing ****. My girlfriend turned her head to me with a look of realization on her face and said, “ god…., you love thinking about those guys ******* me, don't you?" My response was to immediately moan and forcefully *********. Dianne just gave me a wry smile and said; I guess that's my answer. During the course of the next couple of weeks, my obviously excited girlfriend would tease me, by doling out bits of additional information while stroking my ****. Each time, I would almost immediately ***, and she would smile, and say, “I guess you’ll just have to wait for next time to hear the rest!” Eventually, I got to hear all naughty details of my girlfriend's summer adventures, including the fact that they both guys had taken her bareback, (something I had not yet done up to that point without a condom!) She also explained that she had taken one of the guys back to her family home while her folks were away, and ****** him in her parents waterbed. She said he had an extremely thick **** and she rode him on the waterbed for a long time, having multiple ******* before he filled my girlfriends tight ***** with his ***. Then she told me the most exciting thing I had ever heard, that it was the best **** she'd ever had in her life!     By this point Dianne had obviously realized the tremendous sexual power she now had over me, and how uncontrollably excited I would get by her naughty admissions, including the one where she told me she had always suspected that she would never be able to be sexualy faithful to just one man. She realized that there would continue to be situations, just like this past summer, where the combination of alcohol, and sexual advances would cloud her judgment, causing her to eventually submit to the overwhelming lust that so easily envelopes, and consumes her. She was relieved to know that I not only accepted this propensity of hers, I eagerly embraced it!     At that point the fantasy and discussion of her having another mans **** in her accompanied all of our sex play, arousing us both immensely.  Six months later we were engaged to be married and I took my fiancé back to my hometown to meet my friends and family.   One night we picked up my best friend Jim, and headed out for a night of  “bar hopping”.    It was a hot summer night, and Diane and Jim got along great as the alcohol flowed freely.  At one point in the night, when Jim left to use the restroom, I leaned over and whispered into Diane’s ear, “How bout making our little fantasy a reality with Jim tonight?” Diane was pretty drunk. She smiled, and started to  passionately kiss me, and at the same time she reached down and rubbed the throbbing hard-on in my jeans, then broke the kiss just long enough to whisper back in my ear, “Let's do it, I think I can handle two of these tonight!”. We were still making out when Jim came back, and he told us to “Get a room!”..(Little did he know!)    When Diane got up and headed for the restroom, I had a lump in my throat, not quite sure how to tell my friend that I wanted to share my young fiancé with him tonight. My face was flushed, I was burning up, my mouth was dry and my heart was beating fast as I tried to muster the courage to tell him before Diane returned from the restroom. Finally, I just blurted it out, and told him that Diane had already agreed to it and we seriously wanted it to happen when my wife-to-be returned. When Diane sat down, the conversation returned to normal. I got one more chance to talk to each of them alone, before closing time, and it seemed like evryone was "on board" with the plan.

   As we started to get into the car, I told Diane to “go ahead and get in the backseat with Jim”. The implied offer was understood by all of us, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw my fiancé and my best friend kissing. I adjusted the mirror so I could see as much of what was happening as possible. I also wanted to turn down the radio, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood and make them self-conscious. A few minutes later, the lights from a passing car illuminated Diane pulling off her little pink cotton tank top, baring her young, naked breasts for my friend to play with. I turned the car down a residential side road, so the streetlights would occasionally illuminate the naughty scene unfolding behind me. I was driving a big old 1978 Chevy Caprice with huge bench seats that provided my friend plenty of room to take full advantage of the gift I had offered up to him that night. The next time I looked in the rearview mirror, I could only see Jim's head. I turned around, looked over the seat, and could tell that Diane was now completely naked, and her head bobbing in Jim's lap. I reached for the volume knob on the radio and slowly started to turn it down, little by little, so I could hear what was going on in the backseat. Eventually I got the radio volume low enough to hear the naughty sucking sounds Diane was making on Jim's ****. After about five minutes of enthusiastic sucking I heard Jim's say "stop!". He obviously was planning his *********** for somewhere besides my fiancé's mouth. I heard some rustling and turned around to see Diane helping Jim to get out of his clothes. In my rearview mirror, I watched their heads disappear again as Diane lay back in the seat. I then heard my girlfriend gasp, and whimper,…”god……oh yes,…..oh god!” And I knew that signaled that Jim's **** was just entering her. I immediately turned around and saw my 22-year-old fiancé on her back with her legs wrapped around my best friend as he slowly, and sensuously, pumped his **** into her. I held the steering wheel steady with my knees, and quickly undid the front of my pants to release my throbbing ****. I was in ecstasy as I slowly stroked myself while catching occasional glimpses of the action. I strained to hear the sounds of heavy breathing and my fiancés soft moaning while trying to remain on the road. After about 10 minutes of extremely slow, and passionate *******, I heard Jim ask her "do you want me to pull out ?", when I heard my wife moan "keep ******* me" I had to immediately let go of my pulsing **** to keep from ******* all over the dashboard. (At this point Diane was now on the "pill")  

  Jim then started to really pound my fiancé hard and fast, driving towards his ******. Diane immediately responded to the vigorous ******* with uncontrolled moaning, which seemed to cause Jim to **** her even harder, the sound of his balls loudly slapping against her viciously on every down stroke was unmistakable. All of a sudden, Jim groaned loudly, and ground his crotch against my young girlfriend, as his body spasmed, leaving no doubt that he was *********** deep inside my future wife. This pushed Diane over the edge, as she grabbed his *** and ground back against him moaning from her own ******. At this point, I had literally stopped the car in the middle of the street, and turned around to watch the spectacle behind me. My face was burning, my heart was racing, and my **** was oozing pre-***. This was like a drug, and I knew I was hooked. Jim got dressed as I drove towards his house to drop him off, while Diane passed out asleep, still naked in the backseat. When we got home she was hard to wake up, due to all the alcohol she had consumed earlier. I got one of my big, hooded sweatshirts on her, zipped it up, and helped her out of the car and up to the house. The sweatshirt was just long enough to cover her naked ***. We went around the house to use the back door, but we didn't go right in. First I bent her over a wooden picnic table, came up behind her, and effortlessly slid my aching **** into her slick *****, ******* her in Jim's mess. I only lasted about 15 seconds before adding my own contribution to her warm, sloppy, pink, slit. Diane was so drunk, tired, and out of it, she hardly noticed.. This was the first time I shared Diane with another man, but it wasn't the last. Six months later we were married, and she continued to have new and exciting sexual adventures with other men.

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That is really an awesome story. I got hard reading it, LOL

Very hot story. It was good to find out early how much you enjoy her playing with others.

Such a hot story!!
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