I Embrace All The Wilderness Has To Offer

There is quite a balance shift, when I find the time to enjoy a few hours of canoeing. Getting out on a quiet lake, letting the silent vehicle dip into the water, ready to take me on a serene journey. The soft stir of the paddles, gliding through the melodic ripples. Splash a fish frolics; sunning~a turtle on a stump; A great blue heron taking flight as I approach an inlet! Being able to put life's trevails out of my head, and concentrate on all the senses that God bestowed upon us, in this wonderland. Cleanses the spirit and soul. There are times I have been out on the water, do a J hook, and let the canoe stop nearly motionless and just drift. Thinking of how majestic it must have been, before man and technology ******** away all the innocence that was all around us. The simplest most breath taking gifts, full of balance! It is in these moments as I drift, I touch the lilly pads, feeling their uniqueness and shimmer; feel the tingle of the tepid water I paddle through; the way one's whole equilibrium just becomes so calm. The gentle breeze as it dances across and fills my nostrils with utter fragance and glee. Just getting away for a few hours to indulge in it, is like being tucked away in paradise. That's a slice of life we all can get accustomed to! AHHH!!!
enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
46-50, M
Jul 10, 2010