Intimate Moments Can Be Funny Too.

I love when we have our super intimate moments.
Sometimes they get turned into something funny, but only if it's necessary.
Like, last night I was upset about a lot of things, and when my mum brought in food for us,
I wouldn't eat. Well, he wants to make sure that I eat so  what did he do?
He took a bite of my bread stick and then kissed me. We both laughed because he was feeding me like a bird.
It made me feel better, and he did this my entire meal just to be sure that I ate.
Then for the last bite, when I went in to get my bite, he opened his mouth a tad wider and dropped the bread stick
out  before I noticed just so he could kiss me. Then when I backed up and looked at him he said, 
"Oops, sorry. I must've been thinking of you. ;)" So I leaned in and kissed him again.

It's memories like these that I think of everyday.
They remind me that I have a wonderful relationship,
and someone that cares for me very much.
cheekers13 cheekers13
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2010

Trying to make us jealous? Well you succeeded. Lovely story. Sunshine amongst the many grey clouds.

Awwww. How freakin adorable!

stay strong for him:)

wow this is so sweet... great moments and good fun always come together...<br />
<br />
Kiss <br />

Sounds absolutely adorable. Those are truly unique, connected moments in time.