Not Just Sex

There is a difference you know
between making love and having sex
When your with that one special person
That makes you feel special
and loved
The one you can not live with or with out
The time your apart feels like an eternity
You feel you will die with out his touch
You can not wait to have he's arms wrapped around you                                                                     
The scent of him makes you quiver

The times you may just sit and talk about the day you both had

The moments you stay lock in their gaze
How you look at one another

I made be missing something but these are the most intimate moments
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11 Responses Nov 13, 2011

Ohhhhhhhhhhh so HOT!!!! Would you please add me...

These are definitely different things. However I like both of them because they are with the same man. I love our incredible intimate moments as much as I love the raw animal sex.

There are definitely differences however we as mammals would not have one with out the other. It also makes a big difference if you are with the same man and you both feel the same about each other.

but you most definitely can't have one with out the other :)

No you can't not but sex is animal making love is so different in so many ways

They do seem to be rare moments in todays busy world. We could all use more intimate moments in our lives. Sex can be satisfying, but not always fulfilling. Intimacy should be truly enjoyed and cherished.,

This is right

Absolutely positively agree. :)

Thank you

Oh dear now I know for sure what was a crush is becoming something it can not be and I need to stop it before it goes too far but I don't want to.

Yes. Eloquent.<br /><br />

you have the perfect words that express what a lot of us need...just the touch feel warmth and smell are all part of what each and everyone of us need. I miss all of this also and I crave it so much and haven't had it in years I am ashamed to say but this is now my life sentence...

Things are never a life sentence

The love of my life said the same things to me too..

you love is a very wise person

Yeah, there sure is a difference. I tried a hooker once. Nice girl, but a totally unsatisfactory experience. Like near beer, or when you lose your taste due to a cold.

Thank you

I like this.

Thank you