Does That Feel Good?

You do not even know
Or maybe you do
How I have been imagining
Just that
In my mind

And how good
The real thing can be

So hard to be patient
I want to make you feel this too

So long it seems
Since someone has
That I allow
Someone to distract me
Let alone what you are doing now
And plan to do

How you are taking it so slow
Building me up
Letting me relax
Letting me lose myself to
The feeling
Allows me to follow it

The lazy start
The rhythm
The reacting
To how I am reacting

Too easy is it to want you close
Your body close to mine
The humid heat

How you tease me
Not yet, you say
I resist the urge
To beg

I let myself down
I interrupt
You just start again
You comfort me

You show your pleasure in it
You reaassure with your words
Your mouth
Your tongue
Your eyes
And oh! Those lips!
And how I want them all over me

But you make me wait
And the waiting is
So good

I am so close but so far

In a second
In a breath
In a heartbeat
In a sigh

Do I let you?
Can I?

I close my eyes
And feel
And move
And sigh
I forget
To maintain
To pretend

I think to feel
A gradual growing
No time limit

I arch
I tremble
I open up and release

Again and again

You slow
You move over me
You give me what I want to beg for

I move over you

The way I imagined you would feel
How I feel
How we feel...
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8 Responses May 7, 2012

Very well done - enjoyed it even more when reading it out loud the 2nd time thru. Do you have more?

So you like to start slow

I knew there was a good reason I'm working on patience!<br />
<br />
Because it can be fun... :)<br />
<br />
Loved your poem! It seethes erotically into the mind, as beguiling and sensual as your worked photography.

LOL. OK, cool, but when you're looking around, keep in mind I'm on a budget!

Beautiful evocation of erotic pleasure.<br />
F-ing nice.

Very erotic, dare I say. Beautifully written. You're obviously a very sensual person.

Wow. Beautifully written! You translated those feelings into words so perfectly, very well done!

Very nice. I just had to read it out loud to listen to it.

Yes!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!