I have always been a passionate and giving lover ever since losing my virginity at 15.
I believe in giving myself fully and making sure whoever I am with is left satisfied, even if I am not.
Adore cuddling and sharing long sensual kisses.
Love to caress him all over and be touched in every area.
I never just f***, I make love to my man.
meadow1992 meadow1992
18-21, F
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Sounds good to me

you've learnt a mature approach intimacy

Your right making love and ******* 2 different things

You're a keeper

You should be a writer, also I totally agree with your thought. I may be 60 yrs old but you sound like the lady of my dreams. Making love has become a lost art !

Just had to say that you have such a mature mind for a woman who is younger than me, I've generally been friends with the same age or older women as younger ones don't seem to have their heads screwed on. When i am with a woman I always put their needs ahead of mind and rarely never have one night stands anymore as rather something to remember than something that generally is a result of drinking too much. Take Care Licentia44

You had me at 'sensual kisses.' To be touched in every area is just icing on the cake. And BTW, I can eat a lot of cake

awwww I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss right now lol :) I am feeling stressed from college haha.

good for u... make love to him in all ways...give urself to him all ways

I always do :)