My First Kiss..... first kiss when i was 38....i know most of you think its not normal or might don't believe me ...but its the truth ..where i grow up wasn't allowed to date or have a boyfriend ,i got married to a guy that i don't at u can call it arranged, i never liked him .never loved him ..never had any experience about relationship .,,adding he was abuser ex husband ,i lift him and ran away from him here in Canada and took my tow kids ,,,and i got my freedom and my divorce and raising my kids alone since then .,,when i got my divorce i was 38 ...i met guy we had great attractions to each others ,,,,and he kissed me and that was my first passionate kiss and first kiss ....and we didn't have intimacy was just a kiss ...for me was amazing feelings to have my first kiss ...he didn't know that he was the first guy to kiss me ...i wish i told him i was shy and embarrassed to tell him ,,I'm sure all of u can understand me
14 years of my life with my ex husband never want him to kiss me ,,,,its my honesty
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thanks lot for your comment <br />
was just first kiss thats all <br />
and was more than three years ago<br />
i dont see him anymore <br />
no idea whats going with his life ,,,<br />
wish him the best ..we all move on in our life

i DO BELIEVE you and<br />
am HAPPY for you that<br />
you eventually were your Prince CHARMING !<br />
<br />
here's wishing that you both<br />
retain it FRESH - on a day-2-day basis,<br />
whatever might happen otherwise............. :-)

being kissed by somebody whom you like is always sweet...