Those Intimate Times

Love those intimate times....the times when my man brushes up against me in bed while were sleeping naked..or when he pushes the hair away from my face to get a better look. His breath drifting down my neck right before he goes in for the kill..or when he brings me into a room and guides me with his hand on the small of my back...xx
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7 Responses May 24, 2012

Erotic. Very erotic.

Don't forget the Bunny Hugs too!!!

Ohhh you remind me of my intimate time with my fiance, we can be in the bathroom having shower together or in the kitchen when am doing cooking, we can be anywhere in the house when we feel like to make love we will do it but we always finished it up in bed. I love it when he look at me like he can never get enough!

hmmmmmm.Love it.

Like that do ya?

Sweet ...

Yes those quiet moments feel so good,they almost feel like they happen in slow motion.Thank you for bringing these thoughts up.