My Angel

I remember holding you. You complained about your height, you said you wanted to feel petite. I made you feel that way. To me you were so small and fragile.

I remember you'd perch yourself on top of me. You'd were so beautiful. Your eyes would light up the room. So bright and blue. You'd stare at me. You didn't realize I knew what you were doing. I'd play along, keep my eyes closed and keep my arms wrapped around you.

And then when you fell asleep with your head on my chest I'd tell you things. I knew you were playing along too. You heard me tell you how beautiful you are. You are. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

I remember the feel of your skin. You were always so soft. And how you smelled. I still fall asleep with the memory of how you smell. And in the morning when I would have to move you over so I could go to work, I never wanted to move you because you looked like an angel. You were so peaceful.
mattandnetta mattandnetta
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012