Lovers Winter Evening

In front of a crackling fire
Firelight fills the room
Outside it is cold and dark
Another winters gloom.

With a terrycloth robe
To keep me toasty and warm
I await my lovers return
To grace me with her form.

Out of the corner of my eye 
Her silhouette graces the wall
I feel my heart beating much faster now
For I am in awe.

Her body with its gorgeous curves
So soft and tender to touch
Her gentle sensual walk she does
That I love so much.

I feel her wrap her arms around me
Squeezing me from behind
As we cuddle and breathe as one
Her perfume smells so divine.

She slowly kisses me on the cheek
Then slowly comes around
She stands in front of the fire warmth
Not making a sound.

Then without any warning
She slowly unties her string
The robe she undoes for me
With a playful fling.

Her nude body so beautiful and soft
A sensual erotic view
Stands before me eager and hungry
For passion to ensue.

She kneels down and parts my robe
With a twinkle in her eyes
To gain access to my lap
Looking for her gift inside.

With this simple pull
I reveal to her
The very thing she wants the most
The gift that makes her purr.

With long gentle licks
She gets it ready with pride
To travel on a deeper journey
A place deep inside.

She slowly stands with arms on both sides
To straddle her awaiting seat
She leans on the arms for support
As she lowers me into her heat.

The warmth it encases me
Tightly and so smooth
I feel her adjusting herself
To fill her anxious groove.

And with a sigh so sweet
We are joined as one
Eyes locked in a sensual gaze
Tasting a needy tongue.

She moves with passions desire
Our movements liquid and in sync
To dance the dance of the ages
Bringing us to the brink.

Her body feels so hot inside
The more she increases the pace
I can tell her body is enjoying this
By the look upon her face.

We kiss with a deeper hunger
That resides in our souls
Wanting to release our hidden stress
To relinquish all control.

With every rise and fall
She arouses me even more
I can tell its this that she craves
Her panting at full bore.

With another thrust inside
She tightens on me firm
Trying to get me more inside
With every loving squirm.

With out warning in a violent cry
She screams out my name
Her sex washes me with its love
Like a warm rolling flame.

As her lava drenches me
I feel I am going to explode
Looking deep into her eyes
She excepts my heavy load.

I feel her lean into me
Kissing me deep and wet
The only sound that is heard
Our labored breathing's duet.

We look deep into each others eyes
As she lays her head on me
I cover her with my robe
Holding her close and tenderly.

We close our eyes in our nirvana state
Hearts beating with our desire
Musing as we relax and listen
To the crackling of the fire.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Very nice. I like the thought of fireplaces and romantic!

Thank You

babe, we don't have snow down here but i canenvision it in your have a talent..and i love them all..xo

Thank you darling...