I Need You. I Want You. I Desire You.

I want you anywhere, anytime. I need you. You choose.
I want you on the dining room table. Sweep everything on the floor. Don't waste a second of time. I cannot wait! Help me up. Lay me down. If that takes too long, then lean me up against it. Hurry! I lean back my head, tossing blonde curls. My eyes roll back. F uck me now! Faster! Harder! Now! Now! NOW! C um! C um together! Then hold me in your embrace as sweat trickles down my body, down yours. And I smile in contentment.
I want you against the wall. Push me up against it. My legs part willingly. I am dripping wet already in anticipation. Kiss me hard. Again. Again. Again. Bruise my lips. Whisper dirty things in my ear. The names you know I love. Bang me hard. Mark me yours. On my neck, my bre asts, my thighs. Own me. C um in me deep. We can c um together, hard, fast. Do it again. As my legs weaken. And I am lost in you. And you lose control. Mmmmmmmmmmmm........
I want you in the bedroom. My king bed. I lean over, back to you. Extend my arms out straight onto the bed. Forehead on the bed. Muffled moans. You put your hands on my hips. Strong and gentle, but masterful. You tell me what you are going to do. Ride me hard. Make me beg. Give me your c ock. And you pump me, over and over and over. Slick with sweat. I yell your name. Beg you to ***. To release your c um in me, mine. Seed me with your love. Own me. Claim me. Possess me. Make me yours. And we both cu m, me screaming, you screaming. Guttural animal noises. Pleasure.
Then you climb above me. And you slow it down. Intimacy now. Bedding. Slowly with love. French kisses. Tongues searching. Mmmmmmmmm....Your beauty in your eyes. Mine reflecting this. Dazzling. Such love. Never seen before by me, for me, for you. Caresses. Nipping. Nibbling. Slowly. Intimately. Building. Building. Building. Soaring. Upwards. Upward. Our mouths on one another. Hands exploring. Feeling forms, lines, textures, smoothness, curves, lingering, moans, quivering.....Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....Belonging to one another. Time stands still. This magic captures us. Held in this moment, all else is gone. It is you and me and us....And sounds. And flesh on flesh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Building to a crescendo that must *** to an explosion! I beg you, please. Please. And you respond now, now, yes, now.
And together again! Our pleasure leaps through the air. I have no words. But you know what I mean. We are one. Together. Now. Always. Meant to be. A song is us. Our lyrics are love. And we play one another like the instruments we are. Soulful. Haunting. Melodic. In unison. We belong. We are us. This is divine. Spiritual even. And I lay in your strong arms, our hearts racing and then slowing...Soaked and content. And you smile that gentle, loving smile that turns me on. I am yours. And I smile back, sleepily. You are mine. And my eyelids are heavy. And you murmur, I love you, Cyn. And I smile dreamily and say, I love you too. And we fall asleep, hands on each other. Until we wake for more.
This is how it is with us. And then we meet. And it shall be. Because we know we belong to each other. I love you too. Your only Cyn. xxxxx
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13 Responses Jan 11, 2013

What a description.
That's a very absorbing story.

I would like to be that one, once and daily.
If so, my hands would be too bussy to applaud.
I do it now, instead.
This makes fly ferocious thoughts, willings.
And heart warm wishes.
Intimacy should be both wild sacred and be renewed on loving care.
You picture this.

Yes, let him know he is the only one, all ways, no exceptions.
He...yes, he is reading you.
Waiting for you to come, to come for him.
He is, more tan lucky, blessed.

HMMMM,This sound VERY interesting,would you like to make this dream a real life adventure. It's a very hot picture in my mind's eye.

:O will you marry me?

Haha a little joke. And yes i enjoyed it very much. There aren't many women who express their desires like this.

I am very much open. I say whats on my mind . When i keep things bottled is when i tend to stress out as is the case with nearly everyone.

It's more ***** than intimate ... whatevah is your pleasure ... I'd hardly call it divine or spiritual ... pure unbridled lust yes

I love your style Hatter... Namaste

Welcome to the House of Delirium

I love this! So much passion and energy in the writing and as always you lay it all down in such a wonderfully poetic way. I especially love the repetition of the phrase 'I want you' at the start of several paragraphs which really puts across the strength of the desire so well.

Holy cow.............I wonder how many men on this forum wish they were with you and you were their partner ?

Mmmmm . . . that fierce urgency of "now" engulfing one's senses. You play off of that very well.

very well done cyn I felt part of your soul coming out on that one and you made that special part of me want to come out too. we wake and smile holding each other in our arms for a little while. the images in our minds of what had just happened as our two souls united in the passion of our desires as we lay united. we look at each other with our smiles that turns each other on and we both know it's going to be a superfabulous day!

hugs xoxo Magicwriter

thanks! blushed cheeks

beautiful feeling u have explain in words.... osm

Yes OSM AND touchy

Wow, wow my friend that is wow

words? it was beyond words, wow!
m.r. j you know who

just beautiful..like you..love you..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo

verrrrry hot
never cease to ammmmaze me