Home Is The Best Medicine

I was brought up as an independent person. Knowing how to deal with life and how to make decisions on my own. In my 23 years of existence in this so called life, never did i make a major decision that is not my own. I was associated with a Lioness, fearless and mighty. I was associated with an Owl, possessing good judgment and wisdom.

Just like every other human beings, I've been through ups and downs. Mostly pain and sorrow and I usually don't show it. I keep it to myself for my mind tells me that I would be alone at the end of my journey. I used to believe and I still do that, people around me are simply stop overs on my way into my own version of victory.

I used to be alone and I do love that solitude. I make sure I have time for myself, always. I make sure that I do the things that makes me happy. I create my own happiness.

I studied, and I work far from where I grew up. I mean, I can always go back there if I want to, but most of the time... I don't. I am a Free Soul. I wander wherever life takes me. But, all in my brave journey, I get sick, a lot. I get bored at times. I always question, to Whom am I living my life for? To whom do I dedicate my happiness, my triumphs?

In the midst of a very interesting and potential promotion, I for once did not push through. Not that I gave up, I was ready. More than ready and is very excited with the plans I have in mind. It's just that on the day of my presentation, I got sick.

Huh. No, not that kind of sickness. I was very well but at that moment, my Soul is. I was on my way to the office, but a minute after, I turned back and decided to rest my mind. Despite the whole 360 degrees of fall down from a very probable opportunity, seems like I have already turned it down. Now I'm very aware that I might lose that opportunity at hand.

I decided to go home. And now I'm here.

NO. I am still not well.

But I felt an intense emotion inside me which I do not often feel. This is for me, my own version of an intimate touch. To my inside.

That intense, intimate feeling I had is happiness. Happiness that is unfathomable. Then I realize, there is more to laughter as the best medicine. IT IS HOME.
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Jan 11, 2013