Waves No More

I close my eyes. It seems like yesterday. I feel the warm water again. I feel the wind blowing against me taking my hair in multiple directions. It felt like we were the only one's there. I hear the seagulls. I hear the waves crashing. I remember us walking along the shore together. You would stop periodically and pick up little shells and place them in you pocket. Being barefoot in the sand with the water teasing our feet felt so good. The tide started to rise and the water would rush in reaching higher on our legs making us run away from the water briefly. A wave came in almost knocking me over. You reached out to catch me, so I wouldn't fall. We laughed at how silly I looked almost falling into the water. It was so fun that day. We shared and we listened.

I felt at peace that day. It is no more. The strong tide rolled in washing it all away. My eyes are open again...no water, no sand, no smiles, no laughter...only a memory...

greeneyes37 greeneyes37
36-40, F
Jan 14, 2013