Intimate Moments Only Makes It Sweeter

When I think about the intimate moments that I have with lets call him Derek It just makes me smile to myself. That's why I smile at the part of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 the scene where Bella is touching herself remembering the intimate moments she had with Edward. It just made me smile because that's how I feel when I think about the intimate moments I have with Derek. I sit there on my bed and remembering and it's like he's there with me I can smell his cologne and the heat of his arms around me in a warm embrace. The small kisses he gives me on my forehead and how he grabs my hand when I'm sitting next to him and I lay my head on his shoulder.... It truly is the intimate moments that get me going through the day and what get's me in trouble in school because I'm day dreaming. But I feel like those moments are even better than sex it self. I remember how I had invited him to come with me to my parents friends house and they had a guest room which they had proceeded to show us because they had redecorated it, But Derek had fallin in love with the room, The room had been painted blue it was decorated with a beach feel. He had laid down on the bed next to me and all we did was lay there together while he wrapped his hands around my waist reaching all the way to my chest and I held his hands and I told him stories about myself as a child and I told him how he made me felt nervous. I laughed because he thought it was a bad thing and I told him no it is a good thing because my nervousness is like the first time your crushing on some one and you don't know how to act and all you want to do is not act like a fool in front of the person of whom your infatuated with. It's a good thing I'm still feeling this way, I told him that it meant I was so very attracted to him and he told me he was too and only held me tighter. I smile at that memory because I was also sick at that time and he still wanted to kiss me and touch me he still wanted me even when I was sick and disgusting even though I would not let any kisses on the lips advance in anyway because I didn't want to pass sickness on to him, even though I wanted to so bad but willed myself not to. The amazing part is that I still haven't said the three most important words "I Love You" but he has and it amazes me he cares this much. It only makes things sweeter these moments.
SincerelyAnonymousGirl SincerelyAnonymousGirl
18-21, F
Jan 28, 2013