I Let Him In..

I hooked my thumbs in the sides of the lace and eased them over my hips. I did it slowly, enjoying the look on his face as he focused. I parted my thighs and cocked my hip, slid the fabric down my *** and over my thighs, then let them fall to my angles. I stepped out of them and stood. At last. Completely naked. "****" he muttered and ran a hand through his hair. "turn around". I did, one rotation. "Touch yourself". The request surprised me but i was already complying. I held my breasts. My nipples responded to the touch as quickly as if my hands were his. I slid my thumb over them, then ran my hands down my sides, over my belly, down my thighs. I put one hand over the line of hair between my legs. Cupping my center and pressing my palm against my ****. "******* Hell, you're hot". His praise thrilled me and eased the fear that always accompanies being naked infront of another. "Tell me you want me to **** you". Simple words to describe an act with so much variation. "Oh".. I said. "I want you to **** me." I don't think I ever wanted anything more. I will never forget the feeling of standing naked infront of him that first time. How he looked at my body as not a piece, but as a whole, woven together by those small things about me that I allowed him to know. I felt his hardness stretch long against my thigh. He rubbed it against me, his hips pumping slowly. I thought of how he'd feel thrusting inside me. "I'm going to watch you're face this time, and I'm going to be inside you. DO you want that?" He asked. I nodded, My fingers tangled in his hair. "Yes". He positioned himself on top of me, using his arms to be sure not to crush me. His **** nudged me, and I parted for him and tilted my hips to allow him entrance. He rubbed the tip along my folds, pushing in a little before reaching between us to guide himself all the way inside. I moaned when he did, and he did too. I had my hand on his biceps and felt him trembling. He moved inside me with slow deliberation, every stroke smooth. His hands slid underneath my rear to tilt me against him and change the angle. The intermittent pressure pushed me higher. Made me wetter. No need for lubricants, our bodies worked exactly the way they were meant to. He murmured my name, and I answered with his. "It's alright" he told me. "It's alright, just let it go". In that moment it was so pleasurable. I had no choice. Couldn't control myself. I did it, I let go. He felt me ****** with him inside me. A woman's ****** is such a fragile thing. Dependant as much upon her mind as anywhere else. But with him inside me, I could feel my climax had been swelling inside me, ready to spill over. I lost it. My body shifted, my thoughts atangle with self discovery... I did it. I had finally let him in...

Kristi xO

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7 Responses Feb 1, 2013

You express the sense of wonder a man feels when seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time.

And give a great insight into the feminine mind during intimacy.


Cheers.... well Done:)

how can a guy know for sure that the women is with actually reached the big O

You made my imagination runs wild.. thumbs up!

Most deeeeeeeliteful! I love the candor and the lust you express! Thanks for sharing the story.

You should write for mens mags! I'm all hot and bothered!