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Who Is The Guy With The "Scruffy" And The Passion/Personality That Accompanies It?!

Closing my eyes, I go to you placing my face within your hard working lips and my face feel so secure in your hands. Feeling that neatly trimmed "Scruffy" that lines your chin and your mustache that connects to the same...along with your soft and ever so experienced lips...mmmmm...a kiss that needs to last for as long as possible followed by many more.

...There is something about a man who sports a "Scruffy" that makes my heart leap outside of my chest...inhaling....beating swiftly and furiously and then down to almost a "must have" surrender. Is it the tall, silent, confident bad boy type? Is it the appearance of the same? What is it? Some sort of magical feeling overtakes me to where the words 'sweet surrender' don't even come close to describing what the combination of strong and yet tender hands with the "scruffy," the ever so confident lips have upon my being...

...It shouts, Whoa baby, I am without words, and only emotion laden with passion to fill two souls....I'm not sure why but the following song pushes to the forefront as I think of the guy who sports the "scruffy" and the personality as well as tender and sincere heart that accompanies it:

SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F 4 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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Dreams do come true.; wow

So I waiting lol :)

Likewise...been a long wait so far. LOL

Like Tom Petty sang, "the waiting is the hardest part."

Hey, one can dream now can't one? lol :)

; )

<~~~Quickly takes razor and throws it full force onto the ground from second story balcony, cursing self for not living on 6th floor!

hahah Hey at least you got rid of the thing that will help to create the scruffy! lol I'd hate to be the recipient of the razor on either floor! Thanks for commenting.