So what IS elegance? I actually wanted to just find something that looked elegant to me to post, but doing image search for "elegance" on Google turned up mostly thinks that scream rich or expensive, in a word opulence, and one could say the antithesis of elegance.
One of the top offenders though is a sign saying "Simple yet elegant", in three distinct increasingly complex fonts with all the frills imaginable and then some on the stationary.
What happened to "simple beauty" (or beautiful simplicity), the closest definition to elegance? Of course, things of the natural world are rarely simple in actual form, so we'll have to make allowance for complexity where the nature of the thing is complex (I'd add "like women", but I can't decide if that's chauvinistic or hopelessly romantic:)
Of course, the definition is little self defeating because elegance is desirable, in a world where the value and worth of things are only incidentally linked, it automatically becomes expensive. But I still think we could enjoy better examples of elegance; I think this (apparent advertising quote, amusingly enough) gets close.
Faust76 Faust76
70+, M
Aug 16, 2014