The Simplicity

Everything that is forced tires the body and soul together. Spontaneity is good and the simple things are the most beautiful in the world. They have no contraindications. Being natural is to seize the opportunities that life gives us by presenting someone with good times or just words of love that float in our hearts. The joy of making someone happy is by not planning things too big, but by captivating the little ones that can be more beautiful still. It is taking as an example the love that is not a pot of gold filled with jewelry, but it is the most valuable feeling as a remarkable simplicity. 
Do you now how to enjoy the small moments?
Just try to take from your „pocket“ simple gestures: a hug, a smile, a hearty "Good morning". Smile, smile, body and soul, give a smile and feel the breeze of life kissing your face, tickling your soul. It feels as it is light, wanting to dance and play. It feels like the world changes according to the changes itself, a simple beauty without end. They are convoluted gestures of pure kindness. Seeking happiness in big things is to lose time, because little moments last a joy made ​​of diamonds.
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4 Responses Mar 6, 2012

The little things can be the things most pass by, or choose to pass by or marginalize. Yet, in a big world, the little things refuse to go away!<br />
They squeeze between the big booms and bangs of life, and touch us intimately. One of them is a genuine friendship with a real living Princess, who has beautiful and tender eyes. Ya gotta love that!

Unfortunately, today's world has gotten so materialistic with "bigger is better" when in fact it is the total opposite. The little things are too often overlooked......I do like the KISS principle - Keep it simply simple.

I strongly oppose "bigger is better"... *wears high heels while saying this*

*small faerie pulls Princess' hair...!!!*<br />
<br />
Let me simply say... that in your own simple words, in those small moments you have shared with me... have made this small faerie spilling with big love... thank you, dear friend... *squeeshy hugs*

So true. Its the little things that often mean so much and leave us with treasured memories and lasting smiles. When they come spontaneously it can make the memory even more special. Beautiful thoughts and writing as always Princess.