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Spirit Flow

 I meditate, think of friends their hearts bruised... 

Bath them in warm sea water comfort them. In the theater of my mind, I went to my favorite Hawaiian beach where the surf is gentle and soothing. Floating in warm, tropical water, I imagined it flowing through me, gently caressing my heart, sending healing thoughts to them...
I have visited Hawaii few times...Kaanapli of my favorites..
CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls 41-45, F 9 Responses Apr 30, 2012

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hugs hon love ,Carl
You give endless love, over two years i'm one lucky dude

Its really soothing and freshening thought as well as the pic...........:( i also want to be there.i wanted to meditate some time before but there were some issues that didnt allow me but it seems your meditation has given you so much cool and freshening air that you can speak out so simply the things for which i will be in need of so much thinking.pleased to read this.<br />
may you be blessed with more soothing realization of being.

Thank you ..hugs

Simple words mean so much love _lovely as you...felt the healing ;) blue xxxx

In my prayers big bear hugs!

You are so kind and caring!<br />
<br />
and this post is very serene!<br />
<br />
thank you for sharing your heart! <br />
(the pic's are beautiful too :-)

Love the way you let the heart leap on! Felt peace as I read.

its really great to be the part of the nature

I am sorry to say, that I have broke away from my own habit of meditation each evening, it sure gives the soul a new life. Thank you for a great story.

Very soothing :)