Spirit Flow

 I meditate, think of friends their hearts bruised... 

Bath them in warm sea water comfort them. In the theater of my mind, I went to my favorite Hawaiian beach where the surf is gentle and soothing. Floating in warm, tropical water, I imagined it flowing through me, gently caressing my heart, sending healing thoughts to them...
I have visited Hawaii few times...Kaanapli beach..one of my favorites..
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8 Responses Apr 30, 2012

hugs hon love ,Carl
You give endless love, over two years i'm one lucky dude

Simple words mean so much love _lovely as you...felt the healing ;) blue xxxx

In my prayers big bear hugs!

You are so kind and caring!<br />
<br />
and this post is very serene!<br />
<br />
thank you for sharing your heart! <br />
(the pic's are beautiful too :-)

Love the way you let the heart leap on! Felt peace as I read.

its really great to be the part of the nature

I am sorry to say, that I have broke away from my own habit of meditation each evening, it sure gives the soul a new life. Thank you for a great story.

Very soothing :)